Brooke Harris: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sheriff\'s Department Brooke Harris

Brooke Harris is a 48-year-old El Dorado Hills, California woman who vanished after last being seen on Valentine’s Day. However, tragically, Harris was found deceased in a church parking lot, authorities say.

Sheriff’s officials indicated that they have no reason to suspect foul play in the disappearance, as news accounts detail trouble in the past of Harris, who has worked as a registered nurse. El Dorado Hills is located near Sacramento.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brooke Harris Was Captured on Security Cameras at a Casino But Was Found in a Church Parking Lot

Brooke Harris

Sheriff\’s DepartmentBrooke Harris

On February 20, 2019, at about 4:30 PM, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office “was dispatched to a report of an unresponsive female in a vehicle at a local church parking lot. Fire and medical personal responded and declared the female deceased upon their arrival. When EDSO Deputies arrived, they recognized the vehicle as belonging to missing person, Brooke Harris,” the office reported.

“EDSO Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators responded to conduct the death investigation. Brooke has been positively identified and next of kin notifications have been completed. Cause of death is under investigation and at this time there is no evidence of foul play.:

Previously, the last reported contact with Brooke was on February 14, 2019 in El Dorado Hills.

“Brooke was last seen on the evening of February 13 by her daughter and made a phone call from her cell phone to her husband on the morning of February 14th. Brooke’s cell phone was later found in her residence and there was no evidence of foul play at the home,” a statement from the sheriff’s office says.

“Security cameras at Red Hawk Casino observed Brooke, apparently alone, and her vehicle later that day, at around 4:30 PM. Brooke has not been in contact with any of her family. If you see Brooke, or know where she may be, please contact EDSO.”

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office described Brooke Harris as having a date of birth of 12/9/70. “Brooke is described as white female 5′ 6″ tall, approximately 140 pounds with blond hair and green eyes. Brooke’s vehicle is a 2015 gray Toyota Highlander (CA 7KDC011). If you have any information on Brooke’s whereabouts please contacted EDSO dispatch (530) 621-6600 X304,” the Sheriff’s Department wrote.

2. Sheriff’s Officials Later Said They Don’t Think a Crime Was Committed

A photo released by the Sheriff’s Department

On February 20, 2019, the Sheriff’s Department provided a further update that cast doubt on speculation that foul play was involved in Brooke Harris’s disappearance.

“This investigation is still active and we want to share some information with the community,” they wrote. “We have found no evidence of foul play and have found no evidence that any crime has been committed. We have investigated Brooke’s family and have found no evidence to suggest that anyone was involved in her disappearance. The family has been completely cooperative throughout this entire investigation.”

They added: “We have seen a number of comments regarding information which is not helpful in assisting us in locating Brooke. While this information is public record it is information that can be hurtful to the family members and the wellbeing of anyone involved. We ask that you think about what information you are sharing and what is the best way to help us locate a missing person. If you have information that you believe is important, please message us. Call us. Come down and talk to us. Spreading the information through the comment section, when there are hundreds of comments, is the least likely way to help us and most likely to cause unneeded stress to the family in an already difficult time.”

Concluded the Sheriff’s Department: “We know that everyone is curious about what has happened to Brooke. We are working every lead in order to answer those questions ourselves and at this time, we believe that Brooke left on her own volition. Please, keep an eye out for Brooke and her vehicle, and contact us directly if you have any information which can help us locate her.”

3. Harris, a Registered Nurse, Was Fired in 2014

A photo released by the Sheriff’s Department

The Sacramento Bee discovered trouble in Brooke Harris’s past, although it’s unclear whether it bears any relevancy to her disappearance. A registered nurse, she was “fired in 2014 and later surrendered her license,” the newspaper reported.

“Her license was reinstated by the state board less than a week before she disappeared,” according to the Bee.

The newspaper reported that Harris “was fired for admitting to drinking alcohol while working as a hospice nurse.” The newspaper further alleged that the accusations involved drinking vodka at work, which she allegedly explained as involving “severe anxiety about seeing her husband.”

The cause of that anxiety was not clear.

4. Brooke Harris Is Married to a Firefighter

A photo released by the Sheriff’s Department

Brooke Harris is married to a firefighter and registered nurse named Manny Harris, according to the Bee.

One woman on Facebook shared a missing person photo of Brooke Harris and wrote, “Please friends, take a look. I went to high school with Manny Harris and this is his wife Brooke. She’s been missing for 6 days. Please pray for them and please share!!”

On Facebook, Manny Harris’s profile picture is a photo of his wife, and his cover photo shows him with his wife and two children. He wrote that he is a fireman at Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, went to Clayton Valley High School, and lives in El Dorado Hills, California.

5. Brooke Harris Is a Mother Who Filled Her Facebook Page With Family Photos

brooke harris

Brooke Harris missing person posted

On Facebook, Brooke Harris filled her page with photos of her two daughters and her husband. With one photo of the four of them, she wrote, “Glad we got a good pic cuz an hour later I lost my lunch on the curvy mountain road. Manny barely pulled over in time! ? Doubt the kids will make that trip with me again!? #makingmemories.”

She shared a photo of a flag and wrote, “The green stripe is for Veterans. The red is for firefighters. The blue is for law enforcement.”

Her Facebook page is all about smiles and family, and nothing appears amiss.