Porter Ranch Victims: Gary Davidson, Benny Lopez & Jesus Perez

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The victims of a triple shooting in Porter Ranch, an affluent gated neighborhood in California, have been named as Gary Davidson, Benny Lopez, and Jesus Perez.

William Hayes, captain with the Los Angeles Police Department’s robbery homicide division, released the victims’ identities in what he labeled a “triple homicide.” He also said that authorities know the motive for the carnage but did not want to release it at this time for fear of compromising the investigation. The suspects or suspect have not been identified.

The community is located in the San Fernando Valley, and the homes there sell for more than $1 million. The home is located in the 20000 block of Via Galileo.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Female in the House Called Police After Hearing a Gunshot

Hayes, the commanding officer of robbery/homicide, said that police and fire officials went to the residence around 3:50 p.m. on February 18, 2019 in response to a “triple homicide that occurred.”

They responded to an emergency call of unknown trouble in the residence in Porter Ranch. Upon arrival at the residence, officers discovered three victims with fatal gunshot wounds, he said.

At about 3:45 p.m., a female resident of the location was in an upstairs bedroom when she heard what she believed to be a gunshot. After failed attempts to contact the victims, she notified the police, said Hayes, who listed the victims as:

Gary Davidson, 39, resident of the house and a renter there
Benny Lopez, 46, a resident of Anaheim, California
Jesus Perez, 34, a resident of Perris, California

After conducting an extensive search of the residence, officers determined “this is not a random act,” and the suspect or suspects “were likely known to the victims,” said Hayes.

He said authorities are aware of what they believe is the “genesis of these violent acts” but they believe releasing that information could compromise the investigation. “We do have an idea of why” it happened, he said.

The police commander said there was no sign of forced entry. “I’ve indicated it’s clear the victims knew this individual or individuals and they let them in,” he said. He said police do have an idea of who’s been in an out of the complex. “It’s a gated community, and they do keep good track of who comes in and out,” he said.

The woman who made the 911 call is a resident of the home. She’s an individual that lives there and “we believe has a relationship with one of the victims, the renter, Gary Davidson,” said the commander.

He said that police don’t know if there’s more than one suspect and said it’s possible that Davidson let them through the gate. “You have to have permission from the resident to allow them to get in,” he said.

He said the suspect or suspects would have to have permission to get into the gated community and the residence. The woman “did not know any of the individuals in the house. She was only aware that Davidson was in the house,” he said.

He added that she was in an upstairs bedroom when she heard what she believed to be a gunshot. She tried to contact Davidson, and when he didn’t respond, she contacted police. Police did not release how she tried to contact him.

“They have some relationship with him that we haven’t determined,” he said of the other two victims. “They knew Davidson and the person who rents the house.”

He wouldn’t say which occupation Davidson worked in but did say there was no other trouble at the home regarding police activity before.

“I believe I know what the genesis of that is,” he repeated. “I can’t tell you whether there are items missing from the home. But I know there’s a theory that’s been promulgated by the media that this was the result of a failed burglary attempt. It’s clearly not that. Mr. Davidson allowed these individuals into the house.”

It’s believed the murders were “directed at these victims,” he added.

The individual or individuals were in the house for some period of time in the same common area of the house and there was a struggle, he said.