Jane Cunningham, Franklin Graham’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Franklin Graham and his wife Jane Graham

Twitter/Franklin Graham Franklin Graham and his wife Jane Graham.

Franklin Graham is speaking at the 2020 Republican National Convention. He’s married to Jane Austin Cunningham and they have four children.

Here’s what you need to know about Jane Graham:

1. She & Franklin Have 4 Children & 12 Grandchildren

Jane and Franklin married in 1974 and settled in Boone, North Carolina. They have four children: William Franklin, Roy Austin, Edward Bell, and Jane Austin (also known as Cissie). The couple still lives in Boone. Jane and Franklin have 12 grandchildren.

Their daughter, Cissie, is married to the football star Corey Lynch.

2. Her Kids Say She Kept The Family Grounded & Taught Them a Love of the Bible

Franklin Graham was often away while his kids were growing up, which left Jane with the task of raising the couple’s four children. Her daughter, Cissie, wrote about what it was like having a largely absent father. (Cissie’s real name is Jane Austin.)

“I lived life with a father who was gone quite a bit, but he also took me around the world with him,” she wrote. “By the age of 18, I’d seen things most people only dream of seeing in a lifetime.”

Cissie added that her mother kept the family grounded and orderly. She said, “We lived in a humble home in the mountains of North Carolina. My mom kept us on a regular routine. She drove us to school, went to sporting events—she didn’t miss anything. Her ‘no’ meant ‘no’ and her ‘yes’ meant ‘yes.’” Cissie also wrote that Jane instilled a love of the Bible in all four of her children: “Most importantly, my mom made the Scriptures real,” Cissie wrote. “She would talk about real issues with us. She kept an open line of communication. She always wanted us to feel comfortable talking to her.”

3. She Grew Up in Smithfield, North Carolina & First Met Franklin Graham When He Was Just 8 Years Old

Jane grew up in Smithfield, North Carolina. Her mother, also named Jane, was born and raised in Smithfield, and lived there all her life. Jane Graham had one brother, Phil, and a sister, Delle.

Franklin Graham once wrote that he first set eyes on Jane when he was just eight years old. After they married, the couple settled in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. “It’s the only home my wife and I have ever owned. We were just kids when we first came up here to Boone,” Graham wrote. “I’ve lived all my life in Western North Carolina, and I can go anywhere in the world. But there’s something special when you land in Charlotte, and you see the mountains to the west.”

4. Her Daughter Spoke at the 2020 Republican Convention

Jane is a registered Republican who is registered to vote in Watauga County, North Carolina. Her husband, Franklin Graham, is known for his political views. Their daughter, Cissie Graham Lynch, spoke at the 2020 Republican Convention in full support of President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, her niece Jerushah Duford wrote an op-ed piece for USA Today questioning Christians who support Trump.

5. She Was Doing Handstands Into Her Sixties

Jane was born on Christmas Eve, 1950, making her two years older than her husband. Their daughter, Cissie, described her mother as an incredibly strong, charismatic woman who managed to keep her family grounded and happy. Cissie penned a tribute to her mother on Jane’s 60th birthday. It reads, in part,

“She taught me integrity. She has always put her children before herself. She can still do hand stands. She never missed a sporting event. She is still stronger than me, which means she can still beat me up. She loves to laugh, which you can hear a mile away. She herds cattle every year in Montana. She makes the best green beans! She never meets a stranger. And she can make anyone feel comfortable. She loves Jesus, and has a heart for young people to know His LOVE. She is as down to earth as a person can get. And she is MY MOM!”

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