Kansas City Tornado Warning Cancelled for KC Metro

kansas city tornado

NWS A tornado warning for Kansas City was cancelled.

A large, destructive tornado caused a scare for heavily populated Kansas City. However, the tornado warning for Kansas City Metro has now been cancelled. “7:35 PM CDT: The tornado warning has been CANCELLED for the KC Metro,” the National Weather Service’s Kansas City office wrote on Twitter.

“Although the warning has been cancelled, don’t let your guard down! Hail and strong winds are still possible, so stay inside and be prepared to take shelter if necessary.” Kansas City International Airport had written, “We are moving airport customers into the parking garage tunnels to shelter in place due to severe weather in the area.” However, just before 8 p.m., the airport wrote, “All clear given. We are bringing customers up from shelter. 7:45pm.”

There was still a flash flood warning for Kansas City, however.

Other Kansas communities remained under tornado warnings on the evening of May 28.

Earlier, Kansas City NWS wrote: “The tornado warning is still in effect for parts of the KC Metro. Right now (07:26 PM CDT), the tornado has lifted HOWEVER it is capable of putting another tornado on the ground, so if you are in this warning area take shelter now!” The original tornado warning for Kansas City said it was in place until 8 p.m., but that time frame was pushed up. “The heart of KC is in this tornado warning! This is a dangerous situation! TAKE SHELTER NOW!” NWS had warned.

The same wasn’t true for Linwood, Kansas. Damage reports referring to Linwood flooded social media, although they had not yet been confirmed by authorities. However, reports described homes being damaged.

Here’s what the NWS had written about Kansas City: “The heart of KC is in this tornado warning! This is a dangerous situation! TAKE SHELTER NOW!” NWS Kansas City warned.

“This is a tornado EMERGENCY!

If you live in these areas take shelter now!

If you are driving pull over to a sturdy building and take shelter now!

If you are at work, stay there and take shelter now!

Best shelter is lowest level in the most interior room!” That was at just before 7 p.m.

The worst didn’t come true in Kansas City. However, concern focused on Linwood. At least one local journalist described the damage in Linwood as “catastrophic.” A television producer tweeted that homes were off their foundations.

The reports of a Kansas tornado – which was also imperiling Kansas City – came as other areas of the country picked up the pieces from a series of destructive twisters. For example, tornadoes caused severe damage and killed an elderly man in the Dayton, Ohio area on May 27, 2019, and twisters leveled parts of Jefferson City, Missouri and El Reno, Oklahoma, all in the same few days.

There were also tornado warnings in other states, like parts of Pennsylvania, on May 28.