Bernie Sanders vs. Joe Biden Memes: Best Debate Moments

Bernie vs Biden

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden faced off for the very first time in the Democratic debate. Who did better? Who won? There were some very tense moments between the two and some pretty funny ones too. Here are reactions and tweets about how things went when the two faced off for the first time on the debate stage. (Including that moment when Biden had to quickly dodge Bernie’s hand.) After you read this story, let us know what you think about how the face-off between the two candidates went by taking the Bernie vs Biden poll at the end.

Bernie got the first question, in which he emphasized that health care is a human right and requires Medicare for All. He said that the middle class would pay more in taxes, but overall less total due to the value that they’ll get in exchange for those higher taxes.

Biden, meanwhile, vowed to eliminate Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy.

Bernie then said that nominating a socialist won’t cause Trump to win. He said Trump has lied during his campaign, making promises he didn’t keep about working families. “That’s how we beat Trump, by exposing for the fraud that he is.”

Bernie and Biden clashed on health care. Biden made a case for keeping Obamacare, stressing that urgency was vital. Meanwhile Bernie pointed out that there’s no reason we can’t have Medicare for All when other countries have done it successfully. He said it will happen when people are ready to stand up and put pharmaceutical companies in their place.

Although most of the debate was pretty serious, there was one humorous moment where Joe Biden moved quickly to avoid being touched by Bernie Sanders during the debate.

He looked startled.

And then there was that moment when Biden was creeping on Bernie pretty seriously.

Before the debate started it seemed like tonight would be all about Bernie vs. Biden, they weren’t as huge of a showdown as expected. In fact, Eric Swalwell’s pass the torch moment was more incendiary, and Kamala Harris and Biden had quite a heated exchange too.

But this moment will be remembered forever.

Now let us know what you think. Who did better: Bernie or Biden?

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