Robert ‘Joey’ Quick: Dad Dies Saving Daughter From Dog Attack

Robert 'Joey' Quick: Dad Dies Saving Daughter From Dog Attack

Deidre Bible/GoFundMe Robert Quick passed away due to a heart attack after saving his 5-year-old daughter's life.

Robert Quick passed away shortly after saving his daughter from a dog attack. Quick, 33, died due to a heart attack after he rescued his 5-year-old daughter from the dog.

Although Quick’s daughter suffered a dog bite on her face, medical professionals were able to successfully apply first aid.

According to a statement released by Fort Madison, Iowa police, the dog was very aggressive and gunshots had to be fired.

After officers discharged their weapons, they rendered first aid to a man who was being attacked when the police showed up.

“After Officers and First Responders rendered first aid to this victim, they encountered a 33-year-old Dallas city man lying in the doorway suffering from the dog attack. This man was identified as Robert Joseph Quick,” the statement said. “Mr. Quick requested the Officers help his daughter, age 5, who had been bitten in the face by the dog. Mr. Quick had defended his daughter and undoubtedly saved her life by his actions.”

According to ABC News, Quick later died at a local hospital. Although investigators are still looking into the cause of his death, a GoFundMe account set up to raise money for Quick’s funeral expenses states that he died of a heart attack.

“Robert Joseph Quick was attacked by a dog while protecting his little girl from the dog. He had a heart attack at the scene of the accident by the time the EMT’s got to him. They could not revive him. The family needs help with funeral expenses. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated,” the GoFundMe said.

Thus far, the fundraiser has raised just over $16,000 dollars, $10,000 over the initial goal of $6,000. It has also accumulated over 2,500 shares on Facebook.

The Fort Madison police and Lee County Sheriff’s Office offered their condolences to Quick and his family.

“The Lee County Sheriff’s Office would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Quick and all those involved with this tragic incident,” the statement said.

Officials also said the dog did not belong to any of those involved in the attack but was kept by the occupants of the address where the attack happened.

It is unclear if the dog has been euthanized. The case and Quick’s cause of death is still under investigation.



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