Is Google Maps Down Today? [July 4]

Google Maps

Twitter Many users said Google Maps was down.

People reported that Google Maps was down on July 4, 2019. That’s a problem for people trying to use the platform to navigate their holidays drives (and other excursions).

The outage report website showed a spike in people reporting trouble with Google Maps on July 4. “Received 1691 reports, originating from United States of America Canada Australia United Kingdom New Zealand and 45 more countries,” the site reported around 8 p.m. central time in the U.S.

One person joked on Twitter that Google Maps couldn’t find Cleveland.

The outage report site’s “Google Maps outage map” showed that the reports of problems were clustered in the southern and eastern United States. However, the official Twitter page for Google Maps had not tweeted since July 3.

Here’s what you need to know:

People Reported on Social Media That Google Maps Was Down

Many users took to Twitter and other social media sites to report that Google Maps was down. Some people said the website wasn’t working, and other people said the problems were with the mobile app.

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Here are some of the comments on the Outage Report:

“I can see the map and satellite images of the area I’m looking for but no roads/cities are showing on the maps… have been having this issue off on for weeks.”

“Location isn’t working.”

“Street view has been giving me a server error for the last few hours.”

“i dont know why but it’s not working at all today. it just hangs continuously.”

According to Daily Star, people who attempted to use Google Maps were shown an error message which told them: “No results found.” Problems were reported throughout the world.

People expressed similar thoughts on Twitter. “Wtf why is Google Maps down the time I need it ?” wrote one woman. Here are some of the other comments on Twitter:

“Google maps is DOWN people!!! The world aboutta come to an end.”

“About to go sightsee LA and wants to check if things are open because it’s 4th of July, … Google Maps is down ? #mood.”

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“Thank god I’m at home or I’d be lost: Google Maps is down.”

“Well @googlemaps is down.”

“Nothing worse than google maps being down during dinner time on a holiday.”

“WTF, Google Maps is down. Truly an apocalypse.”

“@googlemaps is google maps down. No matter what you enter it says no results found..”

The Google Maps issues came after a day in which Facebook appeared to be down for thousands of people who aren’t able to view or access their own photos.

Down Detector also has a Google outage map. You can access it here.