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Getty Equifax agrees to pay $700M to settle lawsuits related to a massive 2017 data breach.

You could be eligible for a $20,000 cash payment from Equifax. The credit reporting agency, which revealed a massive data breach in 2017 had exposed the personal data of nearly 150 million people, has agreed to a $700 million settlement.

A British woman learns her doctor got it wrong and she didn’t really have breast cancer. Unfortunately, she had already had a double mastectomy. Read on to see what’s happening next.

And on a lighter note, the Lion King has been a smash hit at the box office, both in the United States and worldwide.

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TOP STORY: Equifax to Pay $700 Million to Settle Data Breach Lawsuits

The credit reporting agency Equifax has agreed to pay about $700 million to settle claims stemming from a massive data breach in 2017. The personal information of nearly 150 million customers, including Social Security numbers, was exposed to hackers. The company waited several weeks before disclosing the breach.

This was a huge deal because, in the United States, there are only three large credit-reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. These companies gather the data that lenders use to determine whether you can, for example, buy a house or get approved for a car loan.

The breach exposed nearly half of the population of the United States to potential identity theft. Under the terms of the settlement, Equifax will provide up to 10 years of free credit monitoring. The company will also pay individuals up to $20,000 cash as reimbursement for time spent protecting your identity after the breach. The terms of the settlement still need to be approved in federal court.

If you aren’t sure whether you were impacted by the breach, or to find out when you can file a claim to receive your piece of the settlement, click here to get updates from the Federal Trade Commission.

OFF-BEAT: British Woman Learns She Was Misdiagnosed Only After Undergoing a Double Mastectomy

Sarah Boyle, a married mother in England, was told she had breast cancer shortly after giving birth to her first child in 2016. She suffered through aggressive chemotherapy and eventually had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

But the next year, Boyle and her family learned that all of the painful treatments and surgeries were for nothing because she never had cancer. It turned out that a biopsy result had been recorded incorrectly. Since this mistake, the hospital now requires a second physician to review cases before issuing a final diagnosis.

Boyle, who has since welcomed a second child, is suing the hospital that issued the false diagnosis. She told the British newspaper the Telegraph that she worries whether all of the treatments she underwent could actually cause serious health problems in the future. “I am now worried about the possibility of actually developing cancer in the future because of the type of implants I have. I am also worried about complications that I may face because of my chemotherapy.”

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: ‘The Lion King’ Crushed Expectations at the Box Office

The Lion King remake has been a hit with audiences at the box office, despite mixed reviews from critics. The movie crushed expectations during its opening weekend.

Disney had predicted U.S. sales of $150 million, but the movie far surpassed that estimate, raking in $185 million at the box office. According to CNBC, the film also earned $269 million internationally. The movie has already earned $531 million in total worldwide.

Meanwhile, the Disney-owned Marvel Studios also set a new record for the most profitable movie of all time. Avengers: Endgame has now grossed $2.79 billion worldwide. The previous record was set by Avatar, which earned $2.789 billion.


  • Eric Sparkes is accused of telling a black Georgia lawmaker to “go back” where she came from during an argument at a supermarket.
  • Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who died on July 15 at age 99, is lying in repose at the Supreme Court’s Great Hall today. His funeral is tomorrow.
  • More than 50,000 people in Brooklyn, New York were without power Sunday night amid the heatwave.
  • A wildfire north of Flagstaff, Arizona has burned more than 1,000 acres and forced evacuations.
  • Neutrogena has recalled the Light Therapy Acne Mask due to the risk of eye injury.

CHECK THIS OUT: Great White Shark Grabbed a Fish Off a Line

A group of boys and their fathers had an up-close encounter with a great white shark over the weekend! The group was sailing in Cape Cod Bay off the coast of Massachusetts to do some fishing.

Doug Nelson told CNN that he started recording when it appeared that one of the kids had caught a large fish. But as he was reeling it in, a shark decided he’d like to have the fish for lunch! The shark shocked everyone when it shot out of the water and grabbed the fish.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, a non-profit organization, shared the video on July 20. Great white sharks are reportedly common in Cape Cod Bay.

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