‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Episode 3 Cast: Meet Special Guests Malcolm & Cassidy

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Paramount Yellowstone Cast

Tonight on Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 3, “The Reek of Desperation,” we’re meeting a new character, while another new character will return who’s likely going to shake things up a bit for the Duttons. This post has minor spoilers about the special guests and cast members in tonight’s episode.


Neal McDonough is joining the cast for Season 2 and tonight is his first episode, according to promotional photos. He’s playing the role of Malcolm Beck. You may remember him from credits like Project Blue Book (Gen. James Harding), Suits (Sean Cahill), Legends of Tomorrow (Damien Darhk), Arrow, Rogue (Casey Oaks), To Appomattox (Joseph), Public Morals, Mob City (William), Justified (Robert), Desperate Housewives (Dave), Traveler, Medical Investigation, Boomtown, Band of Brothers (Lynn Compton), The Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner in 1996-1997), Murder One, and more.

Neal’s character is described as a “wealthy business mogul who runs an area casino with his brother Teal. They are power players, down and dirty fighters who know how to work the system to get what they want,” according to Deadline.

Paramount Network’s website describes Malcolm as “a new and very powerful business rival.”

If you’re wondering who Malcolm’s brother Teal is, he’s played by Terry Serpico. He is NOT played by Anthony Michael Hall, whom this story originally credited. The two actors look a lot alike (crazy similar) but an alert reader let me know it’s Serpico, not Hall like I originally thought. But check out how much alike the two actors appear:

Serpico’s previous credits include The Inspectors, MacGyver, The Good Fight, Designated Survivor, Star Trek: Discovery, and more.


Meanwhile, Cassidy is returning this episode. She’s a new cast member who is John and Beth’s choice for a new political candidate to run against Jamie for attorney general. Kelly Rohrback portrays Cassidy. Her many credits include Angie Tribeca (Laura), Baywatch, Love Advent, The PET Squad Files (Jayne), Deadbeat, Rizzoli & Isles, and more.

We’ll see more of Steven Williams as the mysterious man who only goes by Cowboy. His many other credits include Locke & Key, Ambitions, The Chi (Quentin), Supernatural (Rufus), The Leftovers (Virgil), Bones, iZombie, Criminal Minds, The Bernie Mac Show, Stargate SG-1 (General Vidrine), The X-Files (Mr. X), Linc’s (Russel ‘Linc’ Lincoln), Legacy (Isaac), LA Heat (Det. August Brooks), Renegade, Dr. Quinn, The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage (Black Jack Savage), 21 Jump Street (Capt. Adam Fuller), Booker (Adam Fuller), The Equalizer (Jefferson Burnett), Hunter, Dallas, and more.

IMDB also has the following credited for tonight:

Wren Barnes (business woman): She’s also had guest roles on Purity Falls, Day Zero, The Outpost, Reach, Mosaic (Bethany), Hawaii Five-O, Relationship Status, Extinct, Studio C, An Hour Behind, A Country Christmas Story, and more.

Tanaya Beatty will be playing Avery again tonight. She’s been on the show since late last season and is a welcome character – the only female wrangler in the Dutton Ranch group. Her many other credits include The Night Shift (Dr. Shannon Rivera), Continuum (Rebecca), Arctic Air (Caitlin), True Justice (Jessica Finch), and more. She was also on the Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, as Rachel.

Michael Todd Behrens will be playing Doug tonight. He’s been in several other episodes of the series, including two last season. His other credits include Granite Flats, Trek: The Movie (Jesse Crabbe), American Fork, The Assignment, and more.

Ian Bohen continues his role as Ryan tonight, a role which he’s had since last season. His other credits include Teen Wolf (Peter), Chicago PD (Edwin), The Client List, Major Crimes (Daniel Dunn), Breakout Kings (Pete), Any Day Now (Johnny), Hercules (Young Hercules in 1997), and much more.

Katie Cockrell plays the role of a receptionist tonight and will also be in next week’s episode too. She previously played a governor’s aide last season. Her other credits include Small Town Crime, Waffle Street, Staten Island Summer, Feels So Good, Star Trek Into Darkness, Jack and Jill, and a number of shorts, and more.

Correction: This story originally said Anthony Michael Hall played Malcolm’s brother, but it’s actually the talented Terry Serpico.

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