Fayetteville State University Shooting: No Active Shooter

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Fayetteville State University saw tragedy on the evening of September 16, 2019 when a shooting was reported on campus, police confirmed.

However, there is no active shooter loose in Fayetteville because a suspect is already in custody. “There was a reported shooting on the Fayetteville State University campus earlier this evening, there was no active shooter. Fayetteville State University Police Depart(ment) has one person in custody and they are actively investigating,” Fayetteville police wrote on Twitter.

Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins told WRAL’s Gilbert Baez that one person was shot on campus. Further details about the incident were not released.

The campus was on lockdown for a little more than a half hour. The seriousness of the victim’s injuries was not clear. The motive and suspect weren’t clear, either, as it was an unfolding situation. Michael Lozano, a journalist with ABC11, wrote on Twitter that the shooting occurred “near Seabrook Auditorium.”

Students received a text message that read, “Shots fired on campus. Shelter in place. Updates to follow,” according to FayObserver.com. At one point, they received a text message indicating an active shooter, even though police later ruled that out, the news site reported. Another text reported an all clear.

Here’s what you need to know:

Panicked People Took to Social Media

Despite police assuring the community that there is no an active shooter situation at play here, panicked people still spread that claim on social media. “Active shooter at FSU (Fayetteville State University). Call your people to make sure they are safe,” wrote one man on Twitter. Another wrote: “if you attend FSU (fayetteville state university) please be safe. there is an active shooter on campus. find shelter, call police if you haven’t already, make sure your friends are okay.”

Another terrified student wrote early on: “there is an active shooter on my campus. someone already got shot. they are near my dorm. I love you guys. we tare taking precautions but sh*t happens. i’m so scared but hey I wanted to let y’all know what’s up. I love you guys again.”

Some people mistakenly thought the shooting was at Florida State University, but it was at Fayetteville State University.

This post is being updated as more information is learned about the Fayetteville State shooting.

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