Tracy Hinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tracy Hinson


Tracy Hinson is a meteorologist in St. Louis, Missouri, who made headlines after she publicly called out a viewer who had body-shamed her over social media.

Hinson said that a viewer named “Mary” had written, “Do you ever watch yourself giving the weather report? Seems that you need a girdle for the stomach overhang which shortens the front of your dresses! Today was not the first time I have noticed this. Maybe you should wear a top that covers the bulge in your stomach.”

Hinson decided to share a screengrab of the hurtful message along with her public response to the criticism. “Dear Mary, yes I do watch my air checks. NO I will not be strapping myself into a girdle because you don’t like my belly. I like pasta, bread and cheese too much to obsess over my weight. I like my body and that’s all that really matters. ❤️ Tracy #nomorefatshaming”

Hinson’s post has gone viral since she first shared it on October 11, 2019.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Tracy Hinson Dismissed the Idea That Female Meteorologists Have To Be Models

Tracy Hinson told the TODAY show that she is accustomed to receiving negative opinions from viewers about the way she looks. Unfortunately, it’s something that most local news anchors and reporters have to face on a regular basis.

Hinson says she typically either ignores negative messages like that or responds privately. She shared with the network that she feels the reason female meteorologists are targeted is that their entire body is shown on-camera as they’re delivering the forecast, as opposed to sitting behind a desk.

Hinson told TODAY, “I have no idea where the idea came from female meteorologists have to be models. I’m in this job because I’m a big nerd who loves science. I’m here for the storms.”

2. Hinson Says She Felt ‘Touched’ By the Overwhelmingly Positive Response She Received From Viewers After She Clapped Back at the Body-Shamer

Tracy Hinson works for the NBC affiliate KSDK-TV in St. Louis, Missouri. The TV station decided to address the body-shaming in a follow-up story on October 17, 2019. Anchor Kay Quinn explained that they wanted to address the point that body-shaming is never acceptable.

In the on-air segment, Hinson described feeling “touched” by the kind responses she received after publicly responding to the body-shamer. “It’s such an important message… No matter what you look like, what you like to eat, you know, that’s part of living. We just need to be kind to one another.” Hinson added with a laugh, “I will always treasure my carb baby,” as she touched her stomach as if she was pregnant.

Quinn added, “It’s easy to sit at home and make these comments and share your opinions, but I think we also have to think about the effect our words have on other people, even if we never see them in person.”

3. Hinson Has a Website Dedicated to Her Search For the Perfect Macaroni & Cheese

Tracy Hinson is a big fan of macaroni and cheese and even has her own website dedicated to her favorite dish. Hinson launched as a way to catalog the various mac ‘n cheese dishes she eats throughout her “Quest for the Best.”

Hinson created her own scoring system as well. “Mactastic” belongs to the best dishes with the label of “Macky” going to plates that were simply “good” but not anything special.

Hinson’s love for mac ‘n cheese even grabbed the attend of Kraft. The company retweeted a photo of Hinson sporting her special earrings depicting a Kraft blue box. Kraft wrote, “when your fashion statement says “I’m still a kid at heart” ???”

Hinson also has a customized spoon with the words “Tracy’s Mac-N-Cheese Spoon” engraved on it.

4. Hinson Says She Decided to Become a Meteorologist During Elementary School After Spotting a Tornado In Her Hometown

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Tracy Hinson grew up in Sunnyvale, California, which is located in Silicon Valley. On her professional bio on the KSDK-TV website, Hinson explained that she has known she wanted to pursue meteorology as a career since she was an elementary school student.

“In fifth grade, Tracy watched a very rare anti-cyclonic tornado form over Sunnyvale. It was then she decided she wanted to be a meteorologist, and she stuck to her plan.”

Hinson studied journalism at San Jose State University. She then earned a meteorology degree from Mississippi State University and holds a National Weather Association seal.

5. Tracy Hinson’s Fiance Is Garry Frank, the Meteorologist Who Was Featured On ‘Last Week Tonight’ For a Hilarious Forecast

Tracy Hinson is engaged to a fellow meteorologist. Her fiance, Garry Frank, is a forecaster in Kansas City. They have a dog named Herbie and a cat named Oliver Nacho.

Frank was recently featured on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO for a forecast he delivered in 2018 while he was working in Michigan. In the clip, Frank appeared frustrated that viewers would become angry with him when he shared that it would be cold or snowy outside. “What do you want me to do, lie to you? I’ll put 70 every day next time.”

Frank shared a screengrab of the show on Instagram, writing that he had gotten a “good chuckle” out of it. In the video embedded above, Frank’s clip appeared in Oliver’s opening bit.

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