WATCH: Norwegian Cruise Ship Passengers Revolt


Norwegian cruise ship passengers staged a revolt after their Iceland cruise ship missed multiple stops in late September, Fox News reported. The ship left Southampton, England on September 27 and missed stops at ports in the Netherlands, France, Iceland, and Scotland. Read on to see videos of passengers’ protests and learn more about what happened.

Passengers Revolted When They Missed Multiple Stops & Bathrooms Stopped Working

The Norwegian Spirit missed multiple stops on its two-week tour due to weather conditions, the cruise line said in a statement released to BBC.

Passengers paid $5,000 for the cruise, which missed stops in Amersterdam, Le Havre, and Reykjavik, Iceland. It made an amended stop in Norway and then planned an amended stop to Greenock but ended up skipping that too. That stop was canceled about 30 minutes before they were supposed to dock, BBC shared.

But things were going from bad to worse on the ship, according to passenger statements to BBC. Some said the food was going bad and others said that many of the toilets had stopped flushing.

One person started a Twitter account solely about what happened called NCLHELL.  The bio simply reads: “Traveled Norwegian Spirit 14 days to Hell Sept. 2019.” In response to multiple media requests to use their photos and videos, NCLHELL said “yes, please use these pictures and video.” They’re also on YouTube as NCL Hell2019.

Here’s another video showing the protests. This protest happened after the port stop at Greenock was called off.

In this next video, the passengers are holding signs that read ” We want refund.”

The cruise line’s statement to BBC read, in part: “We are very sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment our guests experienced… We always do our best to provide our guests with a truly enjoyable and memorable vacation, but our very first priority is to ensure their safety and the safety of our crew. We understand that is it disheartening when we are unable to call to ports that our guests have been looking forward to visiting. However, we ask for their patience, cooperation and understanding. We do the very most we can to call to ports whenever it is safe to do so.”

Here’s another video of angry passengers.

And here, protesters are yelling at the captain and booing at him.

NCL HELL2019 also recorded videos showing the toilets not flushing on the ship, proving one of the passengers’ complaints.

CONTENT WARNING: You can see the contents of the toilet in the video below, in case that bothers you.

NCLHELL also shared photos and tweets about the broken toilets.

They wrote: “After three days floating around the Atlantic the bathrooms are backing up, not flushing, and out of order today on Norwegian Spirit.” [sic]

They added in response to a question on Twitter: “I do not know how many of the toilets on the ship failed, but when got up and walked around the ship yesterday it smelled like sewage in public areas on the ship. Passengers reported bathrooms not working or backing up on multiple decks and our toilet failed.”

The Cruise Line Offered a 25 Percent Credit for a Future Cruise, but Passengers Are Not Satisfied

According to NCLHELL, the cruise line offered 25 percent off on October 8.

The letter from Norwegian Cruise Line on October 7 read, in part: “Due to unsafe docking conditions including gusty winds, we have been forced to cancel today’s call to Greenock, Scotland and will instead spend a day at sea. … If you booked shore excursions through Norwegian Cruise Line for Greenock your reservation will automatically be cancelled and a refund will be credited… To demonstrate our gratitude for your patience, we are extending a 25% future cruise credit…”

NCLHELL clarified later on Twitter that the ship went to five ports out of nine on the itinerary and spent six days at sea instead of four.

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