Christian Huff & Sadie Robertson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christian Huff Sadie Robertson

Instagram Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson on photos from Huff's Instagram.

Sadie Robertson, 22, and Christian Huff, 21, tied the knot during an evening ceremony on Monday in front of more than 600 guests.

Sadie Robertson is a former “Dancing With The Stars” runner-up and actress on the show “Duck Dynasty”. She is the daughter of show stars Willie and Korie Robertson. Robertson hosts the popular podcast “WHOA That’s Good Podcast” where she interviews authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television and asks them one question “What is the best advice you have ever been given?”

She’s also a successful vlogger who boasts 3.4 million followers on Instagram and 309,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Christian Huff is a college student at Auburn University pursuing his BS degree in business administration, management and operations. He’s currently slated to graduate in 2020. He was born and raised in Niceville, Florida.

The wedding was held at Huff’s family’s farm in Louisiana on Monday. Pastor Louie Gigilio officiated the ceremony where “the couple exchanged both personal and traditional vows on a transformed tennis court on the property” according to PEOPLE.

“Christian and I both love to play tennis and every time we’re home, we play tennis on this court. So we’re like, ‘Well, what if we transformed the court?’” Robertson told PEOPLE, “So we’re taking off the net, taking off everything. We’re laying down AstroTurf and lights everywhere all over the fence and white roses. So it’ll actually feel like this nice garden,”

The couple first met in July 2018 and started dating a few months later. They were together for a year before Huff popped the question.

“We’re excited to be married and live together, do life fully together and just become one. We’re pumped! We cannot wait. There’s a lot of things in life that I feel like might be scary to jump into, but this, there’s never been more peace. I’m just really excited,” Robertson said.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sadie Met Christian Right After Break up with Former Boyfriend Austin North

Sadie Robertson was dating Disney channel star Austin North right before she started dating Christian. Robertson and North started dating in April 2019 and called it quits a short 4 months later in August 2019.

Robertson met Huff during the demise of her and North’s relationship in July 2018. Huff and his brother are friends with Robertson’s sister and invited her to go crab hunting.

“I was in Florida with my friends on a trip and very spontaneously his cousin, she DM’ed me on Instagram and she said, ‘Hey, I see that you’re down in Florida. We love Bella, so if you want to hang out that’d be so fun!’ And I said, ‘Yeah! Why don’t you all come crab hunting with us? We’re going on the beach tonight,’ ” Robertson told PEOPLE.

Even though she thought Huff was “cute”, she avoided him because she wasn’t looking for a relationship. Presumably because she and North had just split.

“He was so cute. I was like shoot. So I actually tried to avoid him for most of the night because I did not want to get in a relationship and I was like, ‘He is too cute to talk to and not want to date.’ So it was kind of funny,” she said.

Apparently, Huff had unsuccessfully tried to slide into her Instagram DMs two years before. “I don’t get messages on my Instagram unless I follow that person, and when I followed him a message popped up that he had tried to send me two years ago that I never saw. It was the sweetest message ever.”

2. They Talked for Two Months Before Going on Their First Date

Robertson and Huff come from traditional Christian families and are both very religious. They took their courtship slow and got to know each other over long phone calls and text exchanges for almost two months before Huff asked her out on a date.

“Once we started DMing, we started communicating and talking all the time and for a solid month before he asked me on a date. He would intentionally make a time each week not to just text me, but he would say, ‘Can I call you on this night at this time?’ And he’d call me and we’d talk for hours and hours.” she shared.

After Huff asked her out, Robertson asked him to wait even longer. “Then a month later, he said, ‘Okay, I want to let you know the intention of me doing this is to take you on a date.’ And I said, ‘Okay, I need some more time.’ I dragged this thing out. So we talked for another month. But then when I knew when he was the one … it was after two months of really getting to know each other before we even started dating,”

They first announced their relationship via an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day 2019.

3. She Documented Their Wedding Journey on Her YouTube Channel

Sadie extensively documented her and Christian’s engagement with a series of videos on her YouTube Channel.

She posted an informative video on November 21 where she and Christian share various details about their wedding including who is officiating, what music they are walking out to, and the significance their religion plays in the ceremony.

Robertson says they plan to take communion together during the ceremony and take a moment to pray, “We want to have that moment where we remind ourselves of the gospel and pray together as a family”

She uploaded another video on the day of their wedding that follows the couple as they get their marriage license. They gave each other a list of questions and read them separately to the camera with the intention of watching it after the ceremony.

4. Christian Gained a Substantial Instagram Following After He Announced Their Relationship

Christian Huff’s Instagram account received an enormous boost in followers after he announced his relationship with Robertson. Prior to their relationship, Christian had a few thousand followers and would get between 100 – 1,200 likes on his photos. His most recent post featured a photo of him with Robertson and a lengthy caption talking about his relationship with Christ. It received over 50,000 likes.

Huff’s feed transformed from family and vacation photos to photos of him and Robertson exclusively. Since they announced their relationship in February, all 13 of his posts have featured professional photos of the couple. His followers and engagement have been skyrocketing ever since.

5. Sadie Robertson Was in a Tumultuous Relationship Where She Developed an Eating Disorder Before Meeting Christian Huff

Sadie Robertson was in a two-year relationship with Blake Coward that ended in March 2016. The couple broke up seemingly without any drama but Robertson opened up about their struggles in a blog post on

“We created this false love for ourselves,” Robertson wrote, adding the couple fought “like cats and dogs.”

“We were so … ‘passionate’– and to me, it seemed like that couldn’t possibly be a negative thing, because I heard the word passion at church all the time. That was a huge LIE and created so much confusion for me.” She said.

“I remember sitting outside of my hotel room in New York City after walking in fashion week. I was trying to hide from my family and friends so they would not see the makeup that was running down my face after an intense fight I just had on the phone,” she wrote.

During their relationship, Robertson was a contestant on the 2014 season of “Dancing With The Stars” where was the runner up. The intense training regimen during the show put her in great shape.

“I had three and a half months of this intense training and also I’d come out and I have this body. I’m like, ‘Oh wow.’ Not that I even ever cared about my body or even thought twice about it, but all of a sudden, you have it,” She told Hollywood Life.

The pressure to maintain her new body caused her to develop an eating disorder that coincided with her breakup with Coward. “For me, it was hitting rock bottom and it was a wake-up call. Honestly, it was the day that my boyfriend and I had broken up and it had nothing to do with him. But it was just the moment that I was really broken and I was really upset. I remember that day.”

She doesn’t blame Blake for their relationship and has said multiple times that they remain close.

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