Nick & Claudia Simonis: TX Family Told to Take Down Christmas Display

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WOAI/Facebook Nick and Claudia Simonis

Nick and Claudia Simonis of San Antonio, Texas, got an early start on their Christmas decorating this year. As of November 1, 2019, Claudia was nearly eight months pregnant and the family decided to put up their displays early while she was still physically able to help with the project.

The family was shocked to receive a letter from the local homeowners association a few days after putting their inflatable displays on the lawn. The HOA ordered them to remove the decorations, arguing that it was too soon.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Simonis Family Is Expecting Their Third Child to Arrive On December 25

Nick and Claudia Simonis, along with their two young sons, love to decorate for Christmas. Their lawn includes an inflatable snowman waving a candy cane and a sparkly reindeer leading a small red sleigh. There is also an inflatable helicopter, labeled “North Pole Helicopter Tours,” complete with Santa Claus and a reindeer serving as the pilot.

Installing the display is a major project. Claudia Simonis told local NBC affiliate WOAI-TV that she and husband Nick made the decision to put the decorations up on November 1 while she still could.

She is pregnant with their third child. The baby is due to arrive on December 25. According to a photo shared on Claudia’s Facebook page, they are planning on naming their new addition Franco.

2. The Homeowners Association Ordered the Family to Remove the Christmas Decorations ‘Until Closer to the Holiday Season’

The local homeowners association had a problem with Nick and Claudia Simonis’ snowman and Santa Claus. On November 4, 2019, they received a letter demanding that they take the displays off the lawn. The Simonis’ told NBC News they have lived at Lakeside at Canyon Springs for four years and have never had an issue before.

The HOA, called Diamond Association Management & Consulting, instructed the Simonis’ to wait “until closer to the holiday season” to put out the decorations. But the letter reportedly did not include a specific date. Does “closer to the holiday season” mean after Thanksgiving? Or after December 1? Is it two weeks before Christmas? Claudia Simonis said she found the letter to be “crazy.”

3. Nick & Claudia Simonis Say They Are Keeping the Decorations Where They Are

Nick and Claudia Simonis are shrugging off the letter from the homeowners association. Nick Simonis told WOAI-TV that the note angered him, especially since they had a valid reason for putting the decorations up early given his wife’s pregnancy.

Simonis said they are keeping the decorations where they are. “It’s the Christmas spirit. We’re not going to be forced by the HOA to take it down.” His wife added that the display “took forever” to put up and that they’ll probably add even more. They say their neighbors are planning to put up their own displays in the coming days in a sign of solidarity.

4. Diamond Association Management Instructs Families to Remove Displays Ten Days After the Holiday

Nick and Claudia Simonis’ neighborhood is managed by the company Diamond Association Management & Consulting. The letter that was sent to their home includes the written rule that all decorations must be removed ten days after the holiday. But as referenced above, the letter does not give a specific date as to when neighbors are allowed to put them up.

According to its website, Diamond Association Management prides itself on offering “communities an alternative to the ‘cookie-cutter’ management companies who are more concerned with corporate rigidity and revenue streams, than customer service.”

Heavy reached out to the organization for comment on the Simonis’ letter and the community reaction to it.

5. Nick Simonis Is a Business Owner & a Veteran; Claudia Is a Dance Teacher

Nick Simonis is a military veteran. According to his LinkedIn profile, he served in the Marine Corps. His Facebook page includes photos of him in his uniform.

Simonis is now a business owner. According to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website, Simonis owns a company called Transition Support Services Inc. Simonis explained on LinkedIn that he helps to “facilitate the transition of Financial Advisors’ business from one financial services firm to another.”

Claudia Simonis wrote on her Facebook page that she is a dance instructor at “GroovaRoo San Antonio.”

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