Teala Davies: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Teala Davies

Facebook Teala Davies with her mother (left) and posing for a selfie (right).

Teala Davies, 34, is the latest victim to come forward and accuse deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse. She claims that Epstein abused her “repeatedly” starting when she was 17-years-old.

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday in the Southern District of New York, Davies says that Epstein “raped and sexually assaulted her frequently and in a variety of places and settings, including by trafficking Teala to his homes in New York, New Mexico, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and France” in the early 2000s.

The harrowing lawsuit details how Epstein manipulated Davies and made her completely dependent on him before sexually abusing her. Davies was introduced to Epstein by her sister, who was being abused by the billionaire at the time. “Teala was unaware that Epstein had been manipulating and sexually abusing her sister, as Epstein’s total power and control over Teala’s sister made it impossible for her to say anything about it,” the suit reads.

Davies’ sister first took her to meet Epstein at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles. Shortly after meeting, he told Davies he would pay for her to study abroad in Spain after she told him her dream was to become a translator.

Davies quit her job as a hairdresser and moved out of her apartment in Los Angeles to enroll in a study abroad program in Spain paid for by Epstein. Shortly before she left for Spain in 2002, Epstein invited her to his ranch in New Mexico. While at the ranch, Epstein invited her to a massage room and fondled her genitals without her consent. The first in a long line of sexual abuses.

“Teala felt extremely vulnerable. Epstein had arranged the circumstances to ensure that Teala was completely at his mercy,” the suit claims. “If Epstein decided to rethink his generosity at any point, Teala would have had nothing, and would have been left homeless and jobless once again, after being brought so close to her dream. Even though Epstein had preyed upon her and sexually assaulted her, Teala understood she had no choice but to submit to him. His power over her was all-encompassing.”

The abuse escalated. Davies says Epstein raped her while she was sleeping at his Florida home in December 2002. He allegedly flew her out to Paris in 2003 shortly after her semester abroad ended and raped her again as she slept.

“After Teala’s semester in Madrid, she had no home and no job. Instead, Epstein brought her to live a nomadic lifestyle in his close orbit,” the court documents allege.

Following her return from Spain, the abuse intensified as Davies was now essentially homeless and completely dependent on Epstein financially. “Virtually every few days, Epstein would bring Teala to a different home of his, including his Manhattan townhouse and throughout the country, where he continued to sexually assault her on a frequent basis.”

Davies appeared at a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred on Thursday and explained her decision to come forward. “It took me a long time to break free from his mind control and abuse,” Davies said in a statement. “I was only 17. I was the perfect victim. I was on my own and I needed help. Jeffrey Epstein preyed on me. He put me in a vulnerable situation and he preyed on me. I was only 17. I was a little girl.”

She said she was speaking publicly “to set an example and inspire all victims of sexual abuse to conquer their fear and tell someone.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Teala Davies Developed a Severe Eating Disorder as a Result of the Abuse and Was Immediately Disowned by Epstein

After enduring more than 2 years of sexual abuse at the hands of Epstein, Davies developed a severe case of Bulimia. She sought help from Epstein and confided in him only for him to disown her.

“Instead, from the moment Epstein learned of Teala’s self-destructive behavior, he immediately cast her out,” the court filing alleges. “Literally within hours of Teala anxiously confessing to Epstein that she did not know why, but had a compulsive need to binge and purge, he threw her out.”

“He instructed her to pack up her belongings and arranged for her to be flown to Arizona.” Where Davies was born and raised, “But there was nothing left for her in Arizona. She still had no idea what had happened to her and felt it was all her fault.”

2. She Lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona with Her 2 Daughters

According to her Facebook profile, Davies still lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona with her two daughters and works at a restaurant. She says her daughters were her biggest motivation in her decision to come forward.

“I’m still a victim because I am fearful for my daughters and everyone’s daughters. I’m fearful for their future in this world, where there are predators in power, a world where people can avoid justice if their pockets run deep enough,” Davies said at the hearing on Thursday.

3. She’s a Recovering Alcoholic

Teala Davies says she sank into alcoholism following two years of abuse at the hands of Epstein and is still struggling to put her life together nearly 20 years later. The suit alleges that she feels “constantly overwhelmed” and struggling to sleep.

“Ms. Davies is still in the nascent stages of understanding the deep and lasting injuries that Epstein’s pattern of abuse has caused her, but she feels the effects every day. She feels dysfunctional, on-edge, and constantly overwhelmed. She has difficulty sleeping. She often has flashbacks to Epstein’s sexual assaults. She feels like she is on the verge of a psychological breakdown,” the suit continues.

4. She Had a Small Part in the Movie “Klepto”

According to her IMDB, Davies had a small part in the 2003 film “Klepto” about a shoplifting woman addicted to pills who is blackmailed into robbing a department store. She is credited as a “shoplifter” in the movie.

5. Epstein Offered Her as A “Sexual Object” to His Powerful Friends

Teala Davies Selfie

FacebookTeala Davies poses for a selfie in her profile picture on Facebook.

During their time together, Epstein tried to pimp out Davies to his rich and powerful friends for sex. Similar to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Epstein flew Davies to the home of a famous Hollywood producer who tried to sexually assault her.

“In one instance, Epstein had Teala spend time with a well-known Hollywood producer, who then demanded and attempted to engage in abusive sexual behavior. Teala barely escaped.” The court papers read.

The lawsuit does not name the Hollywood producer in question.

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