Renee Portnoy, Dave Portnoy’s Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Renee Portnoy

Renee Portnoy Facebook Page

Renee Portnoy, 32, is an American internet personality, equestrian, and ex-wife of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

Dave Portnoy is trending on social media this week after a sex tape with him and an unidentified woman was leaked online. The 8-second screen recording shows Portnoy and the woman engaging in sexual intercourse. Portnoy made light of the situation with an official press release from “Team Portnoy”.

“As many of you have seen by now, there is a NSFW video circulating that is taking the internet by storm.” The press release begins, “The unidentified male appears to be in peak physical shape, highlighted by (but not limited to) the muscle strength, agility, and stamina to perform a highly-difficult sexual maneuver. You have to imagine an athlete like that would be playing professional baseball if not for a debilitating shoulder injury, hypothetically speaking of course.”

The press release briefly takes a serious tone as Team Portnoy says sharing the video is “highly illegal and a breach of privacy,” and promises that, “any and all leaks, including this one, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The Barstool Founder and “Chief-of-Content”, also known as “El Presidente”, has taken the leak in stride and his response is very on-brand to the hyper-masculine, comedic nature of the site. He has a history of controversial statements and actions that have gotten him in trouble before and has clearly learned how to get ahead of a story.

Back in 2017, ESPN personality Sam Ponder posted screenshots to Twitter showing a 2014 blog post where Portnoy called her a “BIBLE THUMPING FREAK” whose primary job requirement was to “make men hard.” Portnoy went on a rant on a podcast later that week and called Ponder a “fucking slut” who should “sex it up and be slutty” instead of talking about being a working mother. He was set to debut a late-night talk show on ESPN called Barstool Van Talk which was scrapped after these comments resurfaced.

In another incident from 2017, his then girlfriend Jordyn Hamilton was allegedly cheating on him with a SoulCycle instructor. Portnoy wore a Soul Cycle t-shirt to work after the news broke and publicly feuded with his girlfriend on social media.

Renee and Dave Portnoy were married from 2009-2017. As Barstool became one of the most popular content sources for content on the internet, Renee mostly stayed out of the spotlight. In 2016, Portnoy started a public relationship with Jordyn Hamilton, causing Barstool fans to question whether or not he and Renee were still together.

Dave addressed the issue in a blog post where he said him and his wife were getting a divorce. It’s unclear if the divorce papers were ever finalized and the couple says they are still on good terms. Renee reportedly still lives in the couple’s $2 million Nantucket mansion and has not dropped her surname (her family name is Satherthwaite).

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Renee Portnoy Once Described Dave Portnoy As “Relentless”

Renee Portnoy was interviewed as part of a documentary on the rise of Barstool titled, “Barstool Gold”. At the end of part 2 of the documentary, Renee is asked to describe Dave Portnoy.

“He is relentless, but in the best way possible. Relentlessly trying for what he believes in and relentlessly standing up for his side of things, which can go both ways but he’s relentless.” She said, “His relentless dedication to building this company and building the brand is like superhero status. No one else could have done what he did. Dave’s also the most loyal guy you’ll ever meet. If you’re in Dave’s circle he would do anything, anything, anything for you. And he’s the funniest guy ever.”

2. She Used to Be a Viner

Renee Portnoy was an avid user of the now-defunct social media platform “Vine”. She recorded several vines from 2013 – 2014 that document various aspects of her life including her relationship with Dave Portnoy.

Most of her vines show her working with horses and watching them race. You can see the Barstool president in his younger days as the couple watches their horse race at the track.

There are also a few vines of concerts (Dave Matthews Band, Darius Rucker) and some early content from Dave Portoy including a hurricane weather report he recorded outside of their house in Nantucket.

3. She’s Been an Equestrian Since She Was 8 Years Old

According to a blog Renee Portnoy posted on SmartPak’s website, she “started taking riding lessons when I was about 8 years old but I have loved horses as long as I can remember.”

She started working with SmartPak, a retailer that sells horseriding gear and equine supplements, in 2010 as senior buyer and worked her way up to Director of Merchandise. According to videos posted to her Twitter and Facebook accounts, she works with horses all day, every day.

In addition to her work at SmartPak, her and Dave own several horses and she began riding horses competitively in 2012.

“I received an invitation to the Ariat National Adult Medal Finals. It was a goal that I had set early in the year and was so happy when I found out that I had qualified. This was the first time I had competed at any type of big indoor horse show.” She wrote in a 2012 blog post, “It felt great to get the first one under my belt, but I’ve already set my first goal of 2013.”

Renee and Dave have been spotted at the Kentucky Derby event in the past and she posts photos of her riding competitively on Instagram.

4. She Fosters Dogs at Her Nantucket Home

Renee Portnoy is a lover of all animals. She works with the Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals (NISHA) and uses her and Dave’s Nantucket home as a foster home for dogs.

“Good boys club member Shaw is very athletic, and equally as sweet. He’s still available for adoption!” She posted on Twitter on August 13 along with a video showing the dog on a hammock.

Her Facebook and Twitter feeds in the past year are filled exclusively with posts of her shelter animals. She uses her significant following as a way to find homes for all of the animals.

5. She’s Worth an Estimated $2 Million

Dave Portnoy isn’t the sole breadwinner in the Portnoy household. Renee reportedly has a net worth of $2 million, according to

She made her money during her career as an equine buyer and her executive position at Smartpak. She’s also earned money by leveraging her significant social media following.

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