After Tornado Threat, Dallas & Denton Welcome Snow [Photos & Videos]

Snow in Denton and Dallas

NWS/TWU/City of Denton Snow in Denton and Dallas

A day after Dallas residents in Texas faced severe weather and tornado threats, things have calmed down a lot. Many residents enjoyed an unexpected snowy start to their Saturday. But Denton, just a little north, enjoyed even more snow. While DFW Airport reported .2 inch of snow, Denton reported three inches. Check out these photos and videos, starting with Dallas. The second section will include videos and photos from Denton.

Dallas Had Just a Little Snow, But It Was Enough for Residents to Celebrate

According to the National Weather Service, DFW Airport received .2 inch of snow this morning, which was the first measurable snowfall since January 2017 (.1 inch) and March 2015 (1 inch.) People about 45 minutes north in Denton enjoyed up to three inches of snow. But first, here’s a look at what happened in Dallas.

Some people said that the snow didn’t really stick in the Dallas area.

But a little further north and it did. Residents in the Denton region got a lot more snow than Dallas did.

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This satellite loop shows where snow accumulated in the red regions this morning, according to NWS Fort Worth. You can see that most of the accumulation was north of Dallas.

This left some people in Dallas disappointed that they missed out on the prettier moments people a little north enjoyed.

You can see the snow falling (but not sticking) in this video below.

Still, the snow flurries were welcomed by residents who had to deal with some intense weather yesterday.

For some people who are native to Texas, they almost never get to see snow. So even some flurries that didn’t stick were welcomed. Of course, it also sparked some memes and jokes.

Even with just a little snow, it was still a rare event to enjoy.

Here are some more videos and photos.

This video captures the snow flurries beautifully.

Pets who aren’t used to the snow were pretty confused.

Other pets loved the snow.

It was a big switch from the tornado warnings yesterday.

Here’s another photo shared on Twitter.

Dallas residents are celebrating.

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The Weather Was A lot Snowier in Denton

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If you were in the Denton region, you got to enjoy more snow than your Dallas neighbors. It was beautiful.

Here’s another beautiful photo.

Check out the Denton Library.

The city of Denton was blanketed in snow this morning.

It looked beautiful.

There was even enough snow to make snow angels.

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Compared to the .2 inch in Dallas, Denton enjoyed three inches.

Back around 2008, it snowed a lot more, some residents shared. Here’s a photo from then.

But still, everyone really enjoyed the snow that fell today. It won’t last long, but it was enough for celebrations, photos and videos.