Joe Biden Compares China to ‘Jack the Ripper’ During Debate

Getty Joe Biden

During the Democratic debate, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders had a heated exchange about how to deal with authoritarian governments. In the midst of the debate, Biden brought up a comparison between China and Jack the Ripper that was cut short. Now many on people want to know how he was going to finish his sentence.

Biden and Sanders were arguing about authoritarian governments. Sanders said that when one of those countries improves something, such as China decreasing poverty, it’s OK to bring that up and praise that particular action while still condemning authoritarianism in general. Biden passionately disagreed with that, saying that you need to not be praising any aspect of authoritarian regimes.

In the midst of that, Biden said something about how praising China would be like praising Jack the Ripper. Sanders interrupted him, pointing out that he believed the statement was absurd, before Biden could finish his sentence.

Now many people on Twitter are talking about Biden’s statement and wondering what he was going to say if he finished his statement.

One person wrote: “Biden calling China, “Jack the Ripper” is one of the most bananas and most useless analogies, we can’t just let that go.”

Some people think that part of the exchange went to Sanders.

And a lot of people just really want to know how Biden was going to finish that statement.

One person wrote: “I’d pay good money for the end of that Jack The Ripper analogy by Biden. #disasteraverted”

Another wrote: “Watching the Democratic debate and I’m sad that Bernie cut Biden off before he finished his Jack the Ripper analogy. I’m forever going to wonder how Biden was going to compare China and Cuba to a 19th century killer.”

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Some think Sanders really had a good point, and the question is more nuanced than Biden was making it.

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There have also been some really funny comments by people who saw Jack the Ripper trending on Twitter but didn’t watch the debate.

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