Jack Black Tik Tok Song: His Shirtless Cowboy Dance Video

jack black tik tok

TikTok A scene from the Jack Black Tik Tok video and song

Jack Black is apparently trapped on coronavirus self-quarantine like a lot of us. Tiger King was weird and addicting, but you can only watch Netflix for so long. What, then, is a person stuck at home supposed to do with their time? Well, if you’re Jack Black, you could record a weird Tik Tok video.

Or, if you’re not Jack Black, you could watch, share and read about Jack Black’s weird but funny quarantine shirtless song-and-dance video. It was his first video on TikTok, and it’s inspiring a lot of people to want to join TikTok. Just for Jack Black. In fact, here it is:

We appreciate he did this, actually. Who doesn’t need a laugh these days? Black also put the video on Instagram, where he hashtagged it, “#StayAtHome Dance.” Who knows, maybe it will spark a trend, although that might not be a good thing.

In the video, Black, of Jumanji and School of Rock fame, wears black-and-red shorts and is shirtless. He is wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, and he twirls around and makes other motions and gestures that vaguely resemble dancing. Black added these captions to his TikTok video, “Quarantine Dance #reallifeathome #distancedance #happyathome #boredathome. Original sound – jackblack.” The bearded Black is almost unrecognizable, but we assure you, it’s him.

The video lasts about 30 seconds but it’s already entertained millions. It appears he filmed the TikTok video in his backyard.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reaction on Social Media Was Swift as Jokes & Memes Flew

People enjoyed the song and dance attempt, judging from their comments on social media.

Not everyone liked the video, though, with one man writing on Twitter, “Highly successful (and obese) Jack Black has to resort to making silly shirtless dancing Tik Tok videos to get attention. The fact that he has enough money to eat himself into that shape, while us peasants can’t even leave the house, makes his video all the more irritating.”

Here are some of the other Twitter reactions:

“Saw ‘Jack Black’ trending on Twitter and thought he had coronavirus, but turns out he’s on Tik Tok which is WAY worse.”

“Jack Black hopping on Tik Tok might just be what gets me to actually hop on Tik Tok, walking, living, LEGENd.”

“If you haven’t caught @jackblack’s new tik tok account, you are seriously depriving yourself of the most amazing masterpieces since ‘Friday’. He has now made this quarantine worth it. Thanks man.”

“Knowing that jack black has tik tok now makes me almost want to get it. But then I think, nah. Better not.”

“Just saw that jack black was trending and almost had a heart attack. He’s just dancing on tik tok tho.”

“If I ever get tik tok, it’s going to be for Jack Black and that’s it.”

“In case anyone else was alarmed by Jack Black trending: He’s not sick or dead, he got tik tok.”

“Both my daughter’s have forbid me from getting Tik Tok. Jack Black just gave me the green light!”

“I don’t even know what tik tok is tbh. But I might have to find out now that Jack Black is on board.”

“ok am hating this tik tok, but a shirtless, moving salt and pepper bearded jack black..”

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