Engaged Couple Stephanie Mayorga & Paige Escalera Missing Since April 15

Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga missing

Facebook Engaged couple Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga reported missing in North Carolina.

North Carolina couple Paige Escalera and fiancé Stephanie Mayorga have been reported missing since the night of April 15, according to the Wilmington Police Department, which sent out a missing persons report three days after their roommate notified authorities that they hadn’t come home.

The Wilmington Police reported that they were “last seen in the area of Kerr Avenue and Randall Parkway, possibly in a dark grey 2013 Dodge Dart with South Carolina tags. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Wilmington Police Department at (910)-343-3609.”

Escalera, 25, who’s 5-feet-4-inches and 120 pounds, has blue-hazel eyes, light brown long hair, a beauty mark on her the right cheek and large tattoos on both of her arms, along with a large inked quote on the left side of her the upper chest. Mayorga, 27, who’s 5-feet-7-inches and 135 pounds, has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair with possible reddish highlights and a small bird tattoo on her right wrist. She’s originally from Beacon, New York.

The couple reportedly left behind all their belongings, including Mayorga’s dog, and both of theirs phones have been turned off since April 15, according to Escalera’s sister Stevie Jenkins.

Here’s what you need to know about Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga:

1. Escalera’s Aunt & Sister Posted Detailed Pictures of Paige’s Tattoos for Identification

On April 28, Rachel Escalera shared numerous photos on Facebook to help identify her missing niece. After seeing so many people on social media share Escalera’s missing person’s report she wrote, “You have no idea how much it has helped! We still have no leads at this time sadly and are extremely worried about her.”

Jenkins, on April 26, was first to share this series of photos on social media to help identify her missing sister. She wrote, “With a heavy heart, we still have no leads on my sister. Thank you all for sharing… please do me another favor by sharing this as well. Edit: I have added photos of their noticeable features. Paige has large tattoos and a beauty mark on the right check. Stephanie has a small wrist tattoo.”

Escalera’s cousin, Arielle Fowler, has also shared the couples’ missing report on her Facebook page.

2. Jenkins Said Escalera & Mayorga’s Roommate Didn’t Know Their Last Names & Police Were Slow To Start an Investigation

Jenkins shared on Facebook how her sister and sister’s fiancé were first reported missing.

On April 26, Jenkins wrote of the couples’ roommate, “She gave my sister’s phone that was left at the apartment to police for evidence to which they didn’t even use to find any of Paige’s immediate contacts for information.

“No work has been done to find them until yesterday when the roommate called multiple times for updates with no help from the department,” Jenkins continued. “She doesn’t know either of them well (not even last names or fb, etc) but investigated enough to find Stephanie’s last name and parents info. From there we’ve been in contact with immediate friends and family to get as much info as possible. We are filing another missing reports as well on both girls. If anyone has any info.. no matter what it is.. PLEASE reach out.”

3. A Tip Claiming To Have Seen Escalera & Mayorga at Food Lion Turned Out to Be False

Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga

Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga have been missing for almost two weeks.

After Jenkins shared the missing persons report, a local claimed to have seen Escalera and Mayorga at the Food Lion on Market Street. Jenkins wrote that she and her mother would check out the store’s security cameras.

However, Jenkins wrote on Facebook that “my mom checked the footage and unfortunately, it was not either of them.”

4. Escalera & Mayorga Became Engaged on March 1

Mayorga and Escalera were engaged for little over a month before they were reported missing. Based on their recent Facebook posts, they were madly in love. On February 8, Escalara share a photo of their hands holding during a car ride with the caption, “Stephanie Nicole holding your hand in the car is my favorite thing to do.”

On March 19, she posted a photo of them with the caption, “Finally found my rider for life.”

5. Mayorga Was Selling Used Watches On Her Facebook Page

Mayorga studied neuroscience at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, according to her LinkedIn profile, and over the past few months was selling watches via her Facebook page. Escalera’s sister said they were looking into the possibility that a sale went south.

Since late March, Mayorga posted sales of four different watches, including two Michael Kors wristwatches and a men’s G-Shock Casio.

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