WATCH: Woman Tell Black Neighbors ‘You’re Acting Like Black People’

Twitter In the video, a woman tells a Black man in her neighborhood why doesn't act like a "white person" since he's in a "white neighborhood."

A fight between two neighbors over their dogs devolved into an argument which culminated in a white woman telling a Black resident and an acquaintance of his that they were “acting like Black people.”

Security footage of the incident was shared on Twitter, and it has gone viral with nearly 700 million views.

The video is captioned “Jarrell Jones,” although it is unclear whether that is the man in the video. The person who posted it says that the confrontation took place in the Bay Area.

Here’s what happened.

Woman Tells Her Neighbor, ‘You’re a Black Person in a White Neighborhood & You Are Acting Like One’

The start of the video shared on Twitter appeared to show that the two neighbors’ interaction was already confrontational and appeared to be about each neighbors’ dogs.

A Black man is standing on his porch telling a white woman holding a taser in her left hand and a small dog in her right hand. “I have got everything on camera so you can leave please you can get off my property,” he is saying. “My dog has never messed with your dog.”

The woman tells him, “I will call the police.” and the man responds by telling her, “Everything is on camera I will be happy to show them. I will be happy to show them.”

“I don’t want to see that dog outside,” she tells him, which the man flatly rejects, telling her in response, “Well, he is going to be outside because I have a right to have him just like every other person here. He ain’t done nothing to you, he ain’t done nothing to your dog.”

The woman then demands to know, “Why are you so nasty?”

Here is the remainder of their interaction:

I’m nasty? By explaining to you that my dog has not done anything wrong? You came over here, to my house, to my property.

But your dog came to my property.

Ma’am, I have been nice to you, I have helped you and your family, I have always talked to you.

You never helped me and my family, you have not done a goddamn thing.

You come over here –

All you’ve done is been negative.

No, I haven’t, I’m going to ask you to please leave my property.

I don’t know if you are just having a bad day or whatever –

I’m not having a bad day, but you know what? You are a Black person in a white neighborhood and you are acting like one. Why don’t you act like a white person in a white neighborhood?

Woman Says, ‘You Guys Are Acting Like Black People’

The interaction between the two continued to escalate as the woman swears at him when he tells her that he has video cameras on his property that show their two dogs as well as her behavior.

He then tells her that she can go back to her house and adds, “I’m going to keep walking my dog around this neighborhood.”

The woman then noted that the man’s parents were “nice … very nice,” implying that he is not so nice and the man counters by telling her, “They would say the same thing.”

A female acquaintance of the Black man enters the picture, demanding to know why the woman is yelling on his property with a taser. She tells her that the man’s “pitbull” attacked her dog, which is why she brought the taser. In response, the man notes that he has everything on camera for “when she lies and calls the police.”

When the neighbor’s acquaintance demands to see injuries on the dog, the woman said, “You know what … You guys are acting like Black people.”

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