Brandy McCaslin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

brandy mccaslin

Facebook (McCaslin)/Police Brandy McCaslin and two of her kids

Brandy McCaslin was identified as the mother who is accused of killing her three kids before taking her own life in Verdigris, Oklahoma.

McCaslin’s name was released in a statement by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, as well as by people who knew her on social media.

Billy Jacobson shared photos of the kids on his Facebook page and wrote, “Please keep us in your prayers😭. Brandy McCaslin did a murder suicide with all three kids. Billy, Noe, Bryce, and Brandy have all passed.😭”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brandy McCaslin Barricaded Herself Inside a Home & Then Shot & Killed Her 3 Kids, Authorities Say

On the afternoon of July 20, 2023, officers with the Verdigris Police Department “noticed fireworks erupting outside a home near East Dogwood Court and Cypress Street. Officers went to investigate and discovered an armed and barricaded woman inside the residence,” a news release from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation reads.

“Negotiations quickly began, as they worked to make contact with 39-year-old Brandy McCaslin. A stand-off ensued for the next three hours. After no response, officers made entry into the home where they found McCaslin, along with her three children, dead inside.”

The release continued: “The children included a 10-month-old as well as a six and 11-year-old. It was determined that McCaslin shot all three kids and then turned the weapon on herself.”

According to Tulsa World, at one point, McCaslin was “trapped in the garage with some children and was using the Roman candle to try to attract attention to get help.”

2. Brandy McCaslin Tried to Change Her Son’s Name When His Father Left Her, He Says

Jacobson also alleged on Facebook that McCaslin tried to take her own life in January.

“There’s something I want everyone to be clear about. When brandy McCaslin tried to commit suicide in January,” he wrote.

“She tried to change my son’s name because she was mad at me because I wasn’t coming back to her. His name was Billy from day one. I never stopped calling him anything but that and it was wrong of her to do so. Out of respect to me and my son, who had no choice in the loss of his life due to his mother. Please do not refer to my child as anything but Billy. He deserves that.”

3. Brandy McCaslin Posted About Her Children on Facebook

Some of McCaslin’s most recent visible Facebook posts were photos of her children.

“The best big sister in the world!! He just snuggled in tight and slept in her arms. ♥️♥️♥️” she wrote with one photo of two of the kids in February.

In January, she wrote, “Got out and did something for myself today!! Cut my hair for the first time since I was pregnant!! Feels so good!!”

4. A Friend Wrote That Brandy McCaslin’s Life Was ‘Full of Trauma, Loss, Addiction & Hardships’

A friend wrote of McCaslin, “I’m just utterly crushed by this news. My heart breaks for all those that this devastating loss will forever change. Brandy and I were inseparable most of our lives, even despite thousands of miles and opposite personalities. She was family. The last two years we hadn’t talked much, which part of me will regret. Brandy’s life was full of trauma, loss, addiction, and hardships.”

The post continued:

My heart aches to think that this tragedy could have been prevented if she had better access to mental health services. Part of me is still processing and most of me is numb. I just pray that she, along with her three sweet babies, are together and reunited with all the family and friends they have lost throughout the years. May God give us the strength to remember the healthy version of her… the joy she brought us, the way she laughed, the kindness she had for others, how she relentlessly would defend what she believed in…and not let this tragedy overshadow those memories.

A woman who knew McCaslin told Tulsa World that McCaslin had “faced a great deal of loss in recent years, including the deaths of her sister, her mother, her uncle and her grandparents. The deaths had involved cancer, suicide and a drug overdose.”

However, others criticized McCaslin and the system. One woman shared Jacobson’s post and wrote, “Please pray for this man. I’m standing here with a broken heart crying for him as I read his Facebook post and the comments he’s made to his friends and family as he announces the death of his children by the mother of his children. Oklahoma DHS failed him and his 3 children when she asked for unsupervised visits and they granted her request knowing she had issues.”

5. A Relative of the Children’s Father Wrote an Emotional Post Slamming Brandy McCaslin on Facebook

Nikki Eaton wrote on Facebook, “Brandy McCaslin was a worthless piece of garbage. What a coward to kill innocent babies?! Couldn’t let my brother see his son cause he was dangerous but you were always the dangerous one. He loved that boy more than himself ever.”

The post continued, “At least my nephew is in a much better place than with your worthless sh**** self. You were never good enough for my brother. I just wish you could see this now or I would have done something to protect him from you. I hope you rot in hell forever.”

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