Chattanooga Shooting Near Aquarium: Reports of Multiple Shot


Six people were shot in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, on the evening of May 28, 2022, according to News Channel 9.

Only two have life-threatening injuries, and a person of interest was detained. The victims range in age from teens to 20-years-old, the television station reported. The motive is not clear.

“Last night, our city felt the terrible cost of gun violence. My heart is with the families whose lives have been upended by this horrific situation. Later today, I will address our community at a press conference. This is unacceptable – our city and our community will act,” Mayor Tim Kelly tweeted.

Bryanna Idzior, a journalist with News Channel 9, wrote on Facebook, “HAPPENING NOW: There is an active shooting investigation near the Walnut Street Bridge. Chattanooga police so far have confirmed a shooting happened downtown with multiple parties shot.” The television station also reported on its website that multiple people have been shot downtown but did not provide additional details.

Social media immediately filled with comments from people who say they heard the gunshots and witnessed the shooting. Unverified reports said as many as eight people might be shot, although other reports gave the number as closer to three or five. In the end, authorities confirmed that six people were shot.

Other social media reports indicated that gunfire went off near a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. Chattanooga police have been silent on their social media pages.

Here’s what you need to know:

Videos Showed a Massive Law Enforcement Response & a Shoe Lying on the Sidewalk

A man who posted videos showing a massive law enforcement response to the scene wrote, “Apparently there’s been a shooting near or around the Aquarium or Market Street Bridge in Chattanooga. Pray for those involved and the First responders. 🙏”

A woman wrote on Facebook, “Unfortunately Chattanooga has just experienced a mass shooting event 😣”

In the comment thread, she provided additional details, writing, “Downtown right in front of Buffalo Wild Wings roughly 40 minutes ago. [Another person] and I happened to be on the scene probably a few minutes after it occurred by chance. So far all I know is 7 or 8 people were shot and at least one fatality. Police are still combing the area.”

This woman streamed a Facebook Live from the scene. “Our of nowhere they just started shooting,” she said, adding that a female was shot. She recorded video of a tennis shoe on the sidewalk and claimed it was a victim’s shoe. Be forewarned that some of the language in the live is graphic, and it contains unverified information about victims. At one point in the video, you see emergency workers wheeling someone down the street on a stretcher.

Horrifically, a woman wrote in the comment thread, “Did they say anything about the lil boy ????? that left the shoe that’s my sons shoe.”

Another person responded, “…all hell broke loose with sirens.”

‘Scared Me to Death,’ Wrote Another Man

A man wrote on Facebook, “Mass shooting downtown Chattanooga, I was right there. Scared me ….”

In the comment thread people said the incident occurred near a Buffalo Wild Wings. The man responded, “It scared the hell out of me. People started running and screaming.”

A man tweeted, “Riding my scooter around downtown #chattanooga and heard what I thought was construction… it was GUNSHOTS. 15-20 rounds or so and sounded so close.”

A woman wrote on Idzior’s comment thread, “I was in the area right before it happened and there was a group of about 20 teenagers.”

A man wrote on Facebook, “Active shooter in Chattanooga!!!”

This story will be updated as more information is learned about the Chattanooga shooting.

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