Chinese Spy Balloon Memes: Jokes & GIFS Go Viral

chinese spy balloon

Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty A Chinese spy balloon flies above in Charlotte, North Carolina, on February 4, 2023.

Memes about the Chinese spy balloon flew on Twitter before and after the U.S. government shot the surveillance orb down.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III confirmed on February 4, 2023, that the government had shot the balloon down off the coast of South Carolina.

Some meme writers drew imaginary messages on the balloon.

Some meme writers imagined things from the standpoint of the balloon.

“The balloon has violated U.S. airspace and international law, which is unacceptable,” Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder said, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Defense.

“This afternoon, at the direction of President Biden, U.S. fighter aircraft assigned to U.S. Northern Command successfully brought down the high altitude surveillance balloon launched by and belonging to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) over the water off the coast of South Carolina in U.S. airspace,” the government’s statement says.

Some of the memes took political shots at people.

Memes Poked Fun at Both President Joe Biden & Former President Donald Trump

Some of the memes were critical or supportive of President Joe Biden.

Others brought President Donald Trump into it.

Some people made fun of the Chinese.

According to the government’s statement, the balloon, “which was being used by the PRC in an attempt to surveil strategic sites in the continental United States, was brought down above U.S. territorial waters.”

On Friday, February 3, the U.S. Department of Defense said in a statement, “As of noon today, the maneuverable Chinese surveillance balloon, which was over Montana yesterday, was at an altitude of about 60,000 feet and floating over the center of the continental United States in an easterly direction, posing no risk to commercial aviation, military assets or people on the ground.”

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, President Joe Biden “gave his authorization to take down the surveillance balloon as soon as the mission could be accomplished without undue risk to American lives under the balloon’s path,” the statement says.

The balloon was “carrying surveillance gear as well as a payload,” according to the government’s statement.

“After careful analysis, U.S. military commanders had determined downing the balloon while over land posed an undue risk to people across a wide area due to the size and altitude of the balloon and its surveillance payload,” the government wrote.

The President Wanted the Balloon Taken Down ‘Safely Over Our Territorial Waters,’ the Government Says

The statement says that, “in accordance with the President’s direction, the Department of Defense developed options to take down the balloon safely over our territorial waters, while closely monitoring its path and intelligence collection activities.”

“This action was taken in coordination, and with the full support, of the Canadian government,” the statement continues.

“And we thank Canada for its contribution to tracking and analysis of the balloon through NORAD as it transited North America,” the U.S. Department of Defense wrote.

Continued the statement: “Today’s deliberate and lawful action demonstrates that President Biden and his national security team will always put the safety and security of the American people first while responding effectively to the PRC’s unacceptable violation of our sovereignty.”

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