Creepy ‘Victorian Murder Doll’ in Keller, Texas, Goes Viral

Creepy doll in Keller, Texas

City of Keller Government The creepy doll in Keller, Texas, including a closeup.

A creepy “Victorian murder doll” showed up on a park bench outside of town hall in Keller, Texas. The doll went viral after the City of Keller’s Facebook page began sharing photos of people posing for selfies with the doll. But as soon as the doll became popular, it mysteriously disappeared.

The Creepy Doll Was Left Outside the City’s Town Hall

The official City of Keller Government Facebook page shared a photo of the creepy doll, and said a group of “spritely teenage girls” had left it on the park bench the night before. The doll was too creepy to bring add to the lost and found, the account confessed.

City of Keller

FacebookCity of Keller’s Facebook post

The account wrote:

So noooooormally we’d bring lost and found items inside the building, but uh….yea. If you’re missing your Creepy Victorian Murder Doll — we’ll go with Vicki M. for short— she’s up here visiting Keller Town Hall, just chillin’ on the front bench presumably cursing every visitor who walks past. Vicki M. arrived at about 9 p.m. last night, delivered by a gang of spritely teenage girls. So noooooormally we’d think nothing of it, but we’ve seen The Craft. And Annabelle. And Child’s Play. So….yea. We’ll be calling for some backup from Keller Public Safety on this one.

As of the time of this story’s publication, the Facebook post already had more than 9,000 shares and more than 2,400 comments. You can read the entire exchange and all the replies on Facebook here if the photos in the sections below don’t embed in your browser.

Where Is Keller, Texas?

Keller is located in Tarrant County, Texas, and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For people wanting to know just how close the creepy doll is to where they live, here’s Keller on Google Maps:

Keller Public Safety Responded to the Post

When the City of Keller tagged Keller Public Safety in their post asking for backup, the social media account quickly responded.

They shared a video showing the doll hiding in a tree behind the responding officer and then appearing in the officer’s car, followed by the words, “See Something? Say Something!”

People Stopped by & Posed for Selfies with the Creepy Doll

“Vicki M.” quickly went viral as people in the city began stopping by to take selfies with the doll. The City of Keller shared the photos as comments under the original post.

Here are some of the selfies that the City of Keller Government shared in reply to their own post.

One person looked dutifully creeped out sitting next to the doll.

Quite a few people shared photos of themselves looking shocked as they sat next to the doll.

The account wrote, “Vicki M. is making all sorts of friends!”

Vicki the Doll Is Now Gone

By the end of the day, the city had a sad update (or good update, depending on your point of view.)

They wrote, “Caitlin Upton just messaged to inform us that Vicki M. has abandoned her bench. Repeat, VICKI HAS GONE MISSING! All she could find on any of the front Town Hall benches was this child’s vest. So…ya know. If this vest belongs to your child, you may want to watch out for any personality changes… 😬 😬 😬”

And the account shared the following picture to go along with the update:

Bekah Bekah Sharks replied, “Praise God! That doll looked demented! Brought a lot of fun. But, uh, lets use a teddy bear next time 😄.”

Around 10 p.m. Central, the City of Keller posted another update. They wrote, “Y’all. Jill Marie didn’t see that Vicki M. had already disappeared, so she drove by hoping to catch a glimpse of her tonight and… WE ARE SCREAMING!!!”

Stacy McCloud replied, “it’s confirmed then. She ate that child and consumed his essence. Good luck City of Keller. May the odds be ever in your favor.”

The post is quickly going viral and even reaching people on the other side of the world.

Hayley Beard wrote, “I want you guys to know this post has reached the UK 😂 and loving the comments.”

Megan Nobles wrote, “I just googled this town to figure out how far away this demon doll is. Feeling relatively safe in CA.”

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