FedEx Driver ‘Fired’ After Viral TikTok Video on Racist Comments

fedex driver fired tiktok

TikTok/@karladelatorre97/@Annessa222 The FedEx driver in the TikTok video.

A FedEx driver in Wichita, Kansas, is the subject of a viral TikTok video that captured her telling a Spanish-speaking customer to “go back to your country. I can’t even understand what you’re saying.”

Karla De La Torre posted the video to TikTok. She has 10 million followers on TikTok, where she posts as @karladelatorre97. As a result, her TikTok video on the FedEx driver’s comments went viral and has had more than 28 million views in just four days since it was posted on January 31, 2023.

The Independent reported that the FedEx driver was fired. Heavy has reached out to FedEx public relations for comment and confirmation.

In a statement emailed to Heavy, FedEx condemned the remarks. “This behavior is unacceptable and contrary to the professionalism demonstrated by service providers in safely and reliably delivering millions of packages every day,” FedEx said in the statement.

“FedEx ground expects the highest levels of conduct from service providers, and we can confirm that this individual is no longer providing service.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The TikTok Video Captures the FedEx Driver Making a Racist Comment to the Customer

@karladelatorre97 Pésimo servicio de #fedEx ♬ original sound – Karleshion

The TikTok video posted by De La Torre shows the FedEx driver lugging a box onto the yard. “There you go. Get your boxes since you all want to stand there and look at me. How about that, Come help,” she says.

When the customers speak in Spanish, the TikTok user responds, “This is America! This is America” and then makes a reference to Mexico.

She also says in the video, “You can kiss my white a**.”

She tells the customer, “Go back to your country. I can’t even understand what you’re saying.”

The FedEx Worker Apologized in Her Own TikTok Video

@annessa222 #stitch with @karladelatorre97 I apologize for my actions, I am not excusing my racism. #fedex ♬ original sound – .

A TikTok user named @Annessa222 later said she was the FedEx driver in a TikTok video of her own, in which she apologized. Her video has had 1.3 million views of its own.

“I’m the woman in the video, and I just want to speak on my side of the story,” she says in the TikTok.

“I pull up to this woman’s house, and there’s multiple cars in the driveway. I had to go to the back of my truck. I had to park on the side of the street, and I realize her door’s open,” she explained.

“By the time I pull everything out I have my dolly. I look out and everyone’s in the doorway, so I asked for some help, and everybody just looked at me. So I put everything on the dolly, and I had to pull it up the curb,” she said.

At that point, she says that she “fell with the whole dolly, the whole package and everything. I’m frustrated. It’s cold outside, and I am just trying to gather my thoughts. I stand up; I pull everything off of me.”

She walked to her truck. “She comes outside, and she says she hopes her package isn’t broken. I’m clearly in pain, and some words get exchanged. She calls me a lousy worker. I call her a b****. She calls me ghetto, she calls me a b****, and by then she pulls out her phone,” the worker says.

She says she “ended up telling her, ‘You know what, I’m going to leave these packages on the ground. She’s antagonizing me by recording me. And I ended up saying a racist comment. And I’m deeply sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

The TikTok user continued, “It was unladylike of me. It was immature, and I shouldn’t have said it, period. I wanted to deeply apologize to Karla and her family because I shouldn’t have acted like that. I do want to apologize to the FedEx company too because I represent you guys, and it was unprofessional, and I know better, and I’m sorry.”

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