Genie Exum: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Genie Exum is an Instagram and OnlyFans influencer from New York City who is accused of stabbing her boyfriend during a fight on October 18, 2021.

“This is a violent case,” a prosecutor said in court, according to The New York Post, which added that Exum is accused of second-degree assault.

On Instagram, where she has just over 34,000 followers, Exum, 22, describes herself as a “magician” and a “fairy.”

On Twitter, where she has about 23,000 followers, she included this line on her profile, “yes to everything ur already thinking.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Exum Is Accused of Stabbing Her Boyfriend in a Midtown Apartment


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Exum is accused of stabbing her boyfriend “with a kitchen knife during a fight inside her Midtown” apartment, police told the New York Post.

The victim was her boyfriend Baby Boy Pajulas, the news site reported, adding that the attack occurred on October 18, 2021, at around 6:45 p.m. The New York Daily News reported that his wound was superficial. Exum’s lawyer said the victim “disclosed to me he was not stabbed” and needed only a few stitches, according to the Daily News.

The Post reported that Pajulas suffered wounds to his back and arm. The Daily News said Pajulas’s real name is Frances Amor. He “staggered into the lobby of Exum’s luxury Hudson Yards apartment, where a doorman noticed he was bleeding” and called 911, the Daily News reported.

Against prosecutors’ recommendations, Exum was released without bail, according to the Post, though a restraining order prohibits contact with the victim. The Daily News reported that the judge cited her lack of criminal record in releasing her, and her next court date is December 1.

2. Exum’s Social Media Pages Are Full of Sexual Content


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On Instagram and Twitter, Exum’s pages are full of sexual references and photos of her scantily clad. “When I hike I take my clothes off … I’m trying to be more one with nature ya know,” she wrote with one Instagram post.

On Twitter, her posts include pictures of her in bikinis and of partially naked women.

She also posts about her travels, writing on Instagram, “These were from Milan , I never posted but here yaaa go. I miss Italy so much guess how many stares I got just wearing this bra LOL it’s like New York but DESIGNER sooo yea.”

In another post, she wrote, “Mati and I escaped to Puerto Rico for 3 days . And we DID NOT want to leave, it was amazing the vibe was great and sun was sooo hot. We had so much fun .. the sun was in my eyes so they’re closed lmaooo.”

3. Exum Pushed Her OnlyFans Account on Her Way Out of the Courthouse & Smirked in an Instagram Video While at a Police Precinct


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Exum seemed to be using her court date as a marketing strategy. According to the Post, she “touted” her OnlyFans account to reporters. “Subscribe to my OnlyFans!” she told the Post.

The Post quoted her lawyer as saying that the victim is “an older man, much larger than Ms. Exum” who “doesn’t want the case going forward.”

genie exum

Instagram/Genie ExumGenie Exum posted on her Instagram story while in police custody.

While in police custody, Exum posted a video on her Instagram Stories apparently recorded by her friend, showing her smirking to the camera while being booked. Exum wrote in the caption of the video, “They took my phone y’all I’m on the trap rn.” The video also has the words from an Akon song, “Locked Up,” that’s popular on TikTok, “And now they done stop me and I get locked up. They won’t let me out.”

4. In September, Exum Posed With Her Shirt Up in Front of an NYPD Squad Car


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Exum posed partially naked in September in front of an NYPD squad car. “Caption this,” she wrote with the picture on Instagram, which got more than 7,000 likes.

In July, she wrote, “I love Italy, dude the police yelled at us for taking these pics then made us delete them lmaooo but I recovered them anyways today I’m gonna shop till I drop woo. If you love in Italy tell me some spots I should go too. Also I’m gonna go on a boat tomorrow so that’s lit.”

She appears to be from Alabama, based on online records and social media posts. She has an older Instagram page. Genie Exum appears to be her real name.

She has a Facebook page with old posts dating to 2012.

That page said she was single and lived in Camarillo, California.

5. Exum Stopped Going to College Because of the Pandemic


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Exum’s lawyer said in court that she was a high school graduate who stopped pursuing a college education because of the pandemic, the Post reported.

MileSplit’s Alabama Runners site shows that a Genie Exum at Smiths Station High School in Smiths Station, Alabama, placed 22nd in the 3,000-meter run at a 2013 track meet and was a member of the class of 2017.

She has 182,000 likes on OnlyFans. Exum wrote in her bio on the OnlyFans page, “21-year-old free spirit from Alabama with a loud mouth & dirty mind.”

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