Instagram Down Today: Users Report Problems Now


Instagram is down for many people on September 22, 2022, as users report problems throughout the United States.

Down Detector is a site that measures social media outages. It reported a huge spike in problems with Instagram around noon.

“Instagram is down now you can guys can switch to Twitter
#instagramdown,” wrote one person on Twitter.

People flooded to that problem to report Instagram being down or to find out whether other people were having the same issues. Many were.

The memes and jokes flew on Twitter as news spread that Instagram was down.

Here’s what you need to know:

Most Problems Were Being Reported With the Instagram App

instagram down

Down DetectorInstagram is down

According to Down Detector, 87% of reported problems were with Instagram’s app. Nine percent were having problems with the login and 4% with the website, according to Down Detector.

People left comments on the Down Detector website about the outage. “How can I eat my food without posting a pic of it first? I hope I don’t starve because of this…I’m haaaangry!” wrote one Instagram addict. “bro feed refreshes but when i go on my dms it says network request failed. tf?” wrote another person.

Some people said the app went back up for them but still had glitches. “Anyones app start working again? Mines glitchy but it works and the layout is the 2020 version lmao,” wrote one person.

Others also said it was showing an older version of Instagram. “Ig is back up but I am getting the old version ugh its a pain anyone have that too?” wrote one.

The Hashtag #InstagramDown Trended on Twitter

People took to other social media platforms, namely Twitter, to share their concern that Instagram was down. Some people shared memes, GIFs, and made jokes about the situation.

The hashtag #InstagramCrash also trended.

Some people took to Twitter to make sure it wasn’t their imagination. “is anyone else struggling to get into their instagram? it kept closing for me and now it wants me to relog but won’t let me😭 is instagram hacked or something bc..” wrote one.

“What’s up with instagram? Bro are you okay? I see you crashing
#instagramdown,” wrote another. “Me thinking about all my life problems when instagram goes down for few minutes. #Instagramdown,” another wrote.

Instagram has not made an official statement yet. The cause of the Instagram outage is not yet clear. Such outages have happened periodically in the past, and they are usually fixed pretty quickly.

People tweeted that Instagram was down in multiple languages, indicating that the outages were occurring across the globe. Some people didn’t know what to do without Instagram, but other people indicated that the platform going down gave them a needed break. It didn’t take long before people were tweeting that Instagram was working again.

Not everyone was having problems, though. “why is insta down for everyone except me, guess it’s a good thing. #instagramdown,” wrote one Twitter user.
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