Joe Biden Twists Ankle While Playing With Rescue Dog Major

biden dog major

Twitter Joe Biden with his dog Major.

Joe Biden saw a doctor on November 29 after twisting his ankle while playing with his dog, according to a statement from his team.

Biden, the president elect per the calls of the major news organizations, saw an orthopedic doctor as a cautionary measure. According to The Huffington Post, Biden visited Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Delaware, around 4 p.m. ET on November 29.

Biden tweeted earlier in the day that Sunday but not about the ankle injury. “Let me be clear: Wearing a mask is not about making your life less comfortable or taking something away. It’s to give something back to all of us — a normal life,” is what he wrote.

Biden is 78 years old. When he is sworn into office, that will make him the oldest president to ever be sworn into the position. President Donald Trump, who has not yet conceded the election, is 74 years old.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reporters Could Not Tell Whether Biden Was Limping

Franco Ordoñez, a reporter with National Public Radio, wrote on Twitter that reporters couldn’t see much as Biden left the doctor’s office.

“Reporters, including myself, could not see whether President-elect Biden was limping or needed any assistance to see doctor,” he wrote. “Biden team not allowing pool reporters to see President-elect Biden go in or leave the orthopedists. Repeated requests were denied.”

He added, “President elect Joe Biden will be examined by doctor this afternoon after slipping. He was playing with his dog, Major, and twisted his ankle.”

According to Ordoñez, the Biden team explained that an orthopedist was checking him out only “out of an abundance of caution.”

A pool report published by the Huffington Post reported that “the van was maneuvered so that reporters and photographers could not see the president elect as he left the motorcade and entered the building.”

The Bidens Frequently Post About Their Dogs on Social Media

The Bidens enjoy posting about their dogs on social media. Biden’s dog Major is a rescue animal. You can watch a video of Biden adopting the pooch here.

According to Fox News, the Bidens have two dogs. The other dog is named Champ. Both of the dogs are German shepherds. Major will be the first rescue dog to live in the White House; the Bidens took him home in 2018 from the Delaware Humane Society, according to Fox.

Despite Trump’s attacks on his health, Biden has released a summary from his doctor declaring him fit for office. That summary declared him to be healthy and “vigorous.” It was dated 2019 and declared that he was fit to be president of the United States.

That report did list a few ailments that Biden was being treated for, including non-valvular atrial fibrillation, hyperlipidemia, gastroesophageal reflux, and seasonal allergies. He was taking “three common prescription medications and two common over-the-counter medications.” The report said that Biden does not use tobacco products, does not drink and works out at least five days per week. Biden was listed as standing 5 feet 11.65 inches tall and weighing 178 pounds.

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