Joe Rogan & These Famous Musicians Are Cousins

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Getty Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance in 2018.

Joe Rogan revealed he is cousins with musicians Gerard Way and Mikey Way of the rock band “My Chemical Romance.” But “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast host and UFC commentator said he has never met his cousins. Gerard Way is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band, while Mikey Way is the band’s bassist.

Rogan confirmed he is related to the musicians during a podcast conversation with actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith. During the interview, Smith told Rogan he needed to ask him a question on behalf of someone else, and then pulled out a message from Gerard Way that read, “I don’t have 100% confirmation on this but I’m pretty sure Joe Rogan is my cousin.” Rogan responded, “Yeah we’re related. … Yeah, I don’t know him but we’re cousins.”

Smith suggested Rogan have the singer on his podcast at some point. But that conversation was in October 2019, and so far neither Gerard Way nor his brother has sat down for a public talk with Rogan. It’s not known if they’ve had any communication off the air.

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Rogan’s Grandmother, Josie, Is Mikey & Gerard Way’s Aunt

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way is Joe Rogan’s CousinTaken from JRE #1372 w/Kevin Smith:

During the conversation between Rogan and Smith on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in 2019, Smith said Way told him, “I think my aunt Josie was his grandmother.” That would make Rogan and the Way brothers first cousins once removed. Smith told Rogan he was talking to Way and told him he was going on the podcast and was surprised when Way mentioned he thought they were related.

Smith added, “How crazy that two people in the same family became super f****** famous and don’t even know each other?” Rogan, laughing, responded, “Yeah, we don’t know each other.” Smith said, “You’ve got to have him on, he’s fascinating, he’s good, he’d be a great guest,” to which Rogan replied, “Yeah, that would be cool.” Smith added, “And plus, you’re related.”

Gerard and Mikey Way grew up in New Jersey and started “My Chemical Romance” in 2001. Gerard Way has also had a solo career and created the comic series “The Umbrella Academy,” which was later turned into a Netflix TV series in 2019. Mikey Way started a second band, “Electric Century,” and has also written a comic book, “Collapser,” which was released in 2019 by DC Comics.

Gerard Way Previously Revealed His Relation to Rogan on Reddit in 2015 & Rogan Was Asked About Their Connection Back in 2006

Joe Rogan

GettyJoe Rogan.

While the internet first learned about the family connection between the podcast host and “My Chemical Romance” musicians, Rogan and the the Ways have known about it for awhile. Rogan was asked about being related to Gerard and Mikey Way in 2006 during an interview with the Syracuse University student newspaper The Daily Orange.

Interviewer Alex Shebar asked Rogan, “Random question: How are you related to Gerard and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance?” Rogan replied, ” I don’t know. I never met those dudes. They are some distant weird cousin thing. But I don’t know them. I wouldn’t be able to recognize them.”

And Gerard Way mentioned it in the title of a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session he did in 2016, though he didn’t talk about it other than the reference in the header of his first post. He wrote, “I am Gerard Way, musician, artist, creator, and cousin of Joe Rogan- Ask me anything!”

Rogan might be interested in learning more about his cousins. Among the 3,000 accounts he follows on Twitter are the “My Chemical Romance” official band account and Gerard Way’s Twitter page.

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