Joe Rogan Pushes Candace Owens on Climate Change in Resurfaced Video [WATCH]

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Getty/Spotify A clip from a 2018 interview of Candace Owens by Joe Rogan has resurfaced.

A video clip of Joe Rogan challenging Candace Owens on her views on climate change from a May 2018 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has resurfaced after Owens went viral in March 2021 for her comments about trans people. Several people who oppose Owens reposted the video clip on Twitter as a way to discredit her more recent thoughts on trans women and feminism.

The Owens interview first aired on Rogan’s podcast on May 31, 2018. During a wide-ranging conversation that touched on issues of race, how Owens became a conservative and more, Rogan pushed back hard against Owens when she said climate change is not an issue people should care about. Owens also told Rogan she doesn’t believe humans have caused climate change and said the environment is not something anyone should worry about. Rogan intervened, telling Owens, “It’s very little disparity. Most scientists, the vast majority, agree that human beings are negatively affecting climate change.”

Owens, an author and political commentator, is set to launch a podcast with The Daily Wire in 2021. No stranger to generating controversy, Owens was trending on social media on March 1, 2021, leading to the Rogan video being brought back into the light. Owens was trending after comments she made speaking against the Equality Act, a bill recently passed by the House of Representatives to enshrine protection for the LGBTQ community.

You can watch the video clip of Candace Owens discussing climate change with Joe Rogan below:

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Owens Told Rogan She ‘Doesn’t Believe in’ Climate Change

During her interview with Rogan, Owens began talking about how she thinks America is being lost because of policies pushed by Democrats. She said, “I fell victim to the idea that it was progress, we have to care about the environment, it was progress. But no, America has been losing.” Rogan asked, “you don’t think we have to care about the environment?” and Owens responded while laughing dismissively, “not even a little bit. No. I don’t throw trash on the ground, I’m not saying we need to the trash the environment, but do I believe in climate change? No.”

Owens told Rogan she thinks the climate has always been changing and it is not a real issue, it’s just a “way to extract dollars from Americans.” Rogan said it is an “incredibly complicated subject. You’d have to talk to a bunch of different scientists and see how they gather data. … Have you done this or do you take this flippant opinion based on the party line?”

Owens said she has “read a ton about it,” but said she doesn’t have a strong opinion, and there “is a disparity in the science community,” which Rogan pushed back on, saying the “vast majority” of scientists agree climate change is real. Owens said she disagreed. When Rogan presented her with evidence from Scientific American, Owens dismissed that, saying it comes from a .com website that is trying to make money.

Owens said, “I don’t trust that. If it was a dot org I would probably take that, but this is just a random website.” Owens also argued that climate change has become politicized. But Rogan again pushed back, saying that climate change denial is only an “ideological right-wing point.”

Rogan told her, “You don’t have to have a formed opinion on everything. What you do have to have is the ability to know when you don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about”

Owens eventually told Rogan, “Sorry, I don’t believe it in. Open to learning, always open to learning. I’ve been wrong before. I was a liberal three years ago, so that’s not a problem. But I’m not going to say something that’s inauthentic, and what I wanted to say there was I don’t believe in it.”

Rogan Defended Owens in 2019, Saying She Is ‘Underestimated’

While discussing Fox News guests and conservative women with comedian Tim Dillon on a November 2019 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, he said, “The best one, in my opinion, is Candace Owens. Because they bring her into these conversations and they underestimate her. I’ve seen that several times.”

Rogan added, “She’s very smart.” Dillon added, “She’s very smart, I don’t agree with her on everything she says but she’s very intelligent.” Dillon said he thinks it’s interesting that Owens and others like her “live in a battleground.” Rogan added, “she likes to go to war. … You meet her in real life, she’s a nice lady. I really enjoyed talking to her.”

Rogan also discussed Owens with progressive political commentator David Pakman in 2019, telling him, “What I try to do with people, unless someone is saying something egregious, I try to let them talk. I want to know how they feel, I want to know what their thought process is. So instead of just challenging them on everything, I want them to elaborate and I feel that by doing that I get a sense of why they have come to that conclusion and if it is logical.”

Rogan said, “A lot of the times when you challenge people on their positions you find out they don’t really know what the f*** they’re talking about. The best way to find that out is to let them talk, like Candace Owens on climate change.”

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