Comedian Tells Joe Rogan This Interrupted His New Netflix Special

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Getty Nate Bargatze told Joe Rogan helicopters interrupted his recent Netflix special multiple times.

Comedian Nate Bargatze had an unusual disruption when he filmed his second hourlong Netflix standup special in October in Hollywood. He told Joe Rogan, “We had helicopters fly over. We left it in. I just kind of riffed about it. And I found out later it was a police chase that was going on.”

Bargatze, talking on the March 17, 2021, episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, said he was wondering why the helicopters kept coming. “One of the jokes I make about it, I was like, why do the helicopters, one would come from here and the other would come from there, why don’t they talk to each other and say, ‘Hey I’m already over here dude, don’t worry about it.’ They would keep coming. That’s the main thing a helicopter does in stay in place and hover. I would just here them go and a different one would come. Just stay over there.”

Bargatze’s new special, “The Greatest Average American,” premiered on Netflix on March 18, 2021 and can be watched here.

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Bargatze Said He Didn’t Want It to Feel Like a ‘COVID Special

Bargatze’s special was recorded outdoors at the Universal Studios Hollywood lot during the pandemic, according to Netflix. Bargatze previously appeared in Netflix’s “The Standups” and had his first special, “The Tennessee Kid,” debut on the streaming service debut in 2019.

Rogan asked Bargatze if he was happy with how things went with the audiences in masks and socially distanced outside, saying “it kind of marks” the COVID-19 time period. Bargatze added, “I don’t want it to feel like a COVID special. You don’t want someone to not watch it. Where in like a year, they take it off Netflix. They throw it away. I was trying to make sure it did’t feel like that. I opened with stuff about COVID, you have to. We’re shooting a special outside and the audience is masked. So I can’t not address it. So I have a couple jokes, I do 5-8 minutes about COVID up top. Very just down the middle COVID. I’m not a big preacher.”

Bargatze added, “I feel pretty good about it. I wish I would have had my normal run up to this material of actual indoor shows, I would’ve felt better.”

Rogan Told Bargatze ‘Police Chases Are So Strange … It’s So Compelling’

Rogan and Bargatze also talked about the nature of police pursuits. Rogan said, “Police chases are so strange because they show them on TV and it’s so compelling. Because you know the guy is going to get caught and you’re like ‘when is it going to happen?’ And then finally a tire blows out, you see the guy is riding on sparks and you watch it all from a news helicopter.”

Rogan added, “News helicopters are weird too, aren’t they man? They’re kind of in the way. They’re involved in this weird chase.”

Bargatze said, “LA had police chases all the time. We never really had them in Nashville. So it was very special if one popped up. It was like a new movie dropped. You’re just glued to a TV.”

Rogan said, “The big thing was always wondering when the guy was going to get caught and was there going to be a shootout. Was the guy going to die. … There was a guy who was on a bridge with a shotgun and he blew his brains out and it was on television. And they didn’t know if they should pull away or not. And they’re filming it and boom you see this guy blow his brains out on TV. … That was someone’s child and now all of a sudden they’re in a shootout with the cops. Or they’re in a high speed chase and their tire blows out and they’re being followed by a news helicopter.”

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