Kobe Bryant, Gigi Autopsy Sketch Photos Cause Anger Online

kobe bryant autopsy sketch photos

Getty Kobe Bryant autopsy sketch photos are going viral, causing outrage.

Photos of the autopsy sketch and report for Kobe Bryant are circulating widely on TikTok and Twitter, and that’s causing anger online from people who think they should not have been released.

Kobe’s daughter Gigi Bryant’s autopsy report was also posted to Reddit, along with Kobe Bryant’s report and sketch.

The autopsy report and sketch have trended on Google as Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, is embroiled in an emotional lawsuit against Los Angeles County, whose sheriff’s deputies are accused of gratuitously circulating pictures of the bodies of Kobe and Gigi Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in January 2020. Those pictures have never reached the public domain, although it’s alleged that they were circulated privately. According to TMZ, Vanessa Bryant is suing the sheriff’s department for emotional distress.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Medical Examiner Has Released the Autopsy Report

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People online are claiming the autopsy sketch and report were “leaked.” However, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office has made the coroner’s report and proof-of-death letter available for purchase online. It costs $59 for the autopsy report. The same is true of the report for Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, Kobe’s daughter.

Kobe’s cause of death was listed as blunt trauma caused by the helicopter crash. The death of his daughter Gianna was also listed as an accident by the medical examiner.

According to Insider, during the August 2022 testimony in the federal civil case filed by Bryant’s wife, Captain Emily Tauscher, the head of investigations at the LA County coroner’s office, testified about the graphic nature of the death scene. Bryant, his daughter and seven others were killed in the crash.

She provided horrific details. Tauscher testified “that human remains from the crash were scattered over 500 yards, which created an impact zone larger than two football fields,” according to Yahoo, and said most victims had to be “scientifically identified,” with Bryant identified “by his skin tone and tattoos on his arm.”

The victims’ wounds were so traumatic that their family members were not asked to identify them. “What someone looks like in death is very different than in life,” she said, according to Yahoo. “Seeing someone you love in that state would create an image that stays with them forever.”

People Are Upset That the Graphic Autopsy Sketch Is Trending Online

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People on Twitter were upset that the autopsy sketch was trending on TikTok and online.

“Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report being released to the public just doesn’t sit right with me,” wrote one woman.

“Humans are weird. Why tf is Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report just floating around the internet???” wrote another.

“I just read Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report and got sad all over again. 😢” wrote a fan.

“Reading Kobe Bryant and his daughter Autopsy made my chest hurt so bad man 😭😭😭😭” another person wrote.

“Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report had my stomach turning. 😣 As a former OMI Field Deputy Investigator, I could not imagine being at that scene,” wrote a woman.

“I saw Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report, and my god man. Whoever was the doctor doing it that would be traumatic. Rest in Peace Kobe and Gigi Bryant,” a man wrote.

“Kobe & GiGi autopsy sent chills up my spine,” wrote another Twitter user.

The autopsy report goes into great detail outlining the severity of Bryant’s injuries.

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