Son, 25, ‘Didn’t Want to Kill’ His Kindergarten Teacher Mother, Dad Says

karyn lombardo

Burbank Unified School District Karyn Lombardo, the mother of Kyle Lombardo.

Kyle Lombardo is a 25-year-old Burbank, California, man who is accused of murdering his kindergarten teacher mother at the family’s home on May 8, according to Burbank police.

His father, Vince Lombardo, is now speaking out about the tragedy. He told ABC7 that his son did not mean to kill his mother, Karyn Lombardo, 57.

“He’s mentally challenged. He didn’t want to kill her,” Vince Lombardo told the television station, adding that police were called to the home previously.

“It’s a reactionary system and that’s basically what I was told,” Vince Lombardo told ABC7. “Until something happens, you can’t do anything. That’s there’s not enough help to help these people, especially when they become adults.”

He said of his wife, to ABC7: “She loved him more than anything and tried to help him.”

According to, Kyle Lombardo was charged with “felony murder with malice aforethought” and showed up in court “looking stunned and glassy-eyed” and “appeared to begin weeping, and his body shook.” Karyn Lombardo died of “blunt force head trauma,” the news site reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Burbank Police Say They Found Karyn Lombardo Unconscious at the Scene

In a news release on May 8, the Burbank Police Department reported that a homicide investigation was “underway after a woman was killed in her home Tuesday evening,” May 7.

On May 7, 2024, at about 10 p.m., Burbank police and paramedics “responded to a home in the 800 block of N. Avon St., regarding an unconscious female,” the release said.

“When police officers and paramedics arrived, they found the unconscious woman inside the home,” police wrote. “Life-saving measures were taken by officers and paramedics, but the woman was pronounced deceased at the scene.”

According to police, the victim “has been identified as Karyn Lombardo, a 57-year-old female, who lived in the home with her adult son and husband.”

A public defender representing Kyle Lombardo, Jimmy Chu, told that there was no weapon involved in the death and added that it was “a tragic and unintentional death committed by a loving son.”

“This tragedy is a result of an accident following an altercation between a son and a mother, who my client deeply loved,” said Chu, according to NBC Los Angeles. “My office and I are investigating all aspects, including potential mental health factors and intellectual developmental disability.”

2. Kyle Lombardo Caused His Mother’s Death ‘During an Altercation in the Family Home,’ Police Say

Burbank police detectives “responded to the scene and took over the investigation. Ms. Lombardo’s adult son was subsequently arrested and booked for murder, 187(a) PC, based on information obtained and evidence at the scene revealing he caused her death during an altercation in the family home,” the release says.

“There are no outstanding suspects or any danger to the community,” police noted.

“Kyle Lombardo, a 25-year-old, Burbank resident was booked for murder [187(a) PC] and is due to appear in court on Thursday. He’s being held in-lieu of $2 million bail,” they wrote.

A relative who did not want to give his full name told that Kyle Lombardo “has the mentality of a 10-year-old.”

In a news release, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón announced that Kyle Lombardo “has been charged in the murder of his mother, Karyn Lombardo, at her Burbank home on May 7.”

“My deepest condolences go out to the victim’s loved ones during this tremendously difficult time,” Gascón said in the release. “Ms. Lombardo, a beloved teacher in the Burbank community, had her life senselessly taken. I want to assure the victim’s family and the community that our office is fully committed to seeking justice and accountability in this tragedy.”

“Kyle Lombardo (dob 04/13/99) is charged in case 24BBCF00147 with one count of murder,” he added.

3. Karyn Lombardo Expressed Love for Her Son Kyle Lombardo on Facebook, Calling Him a ‘Handsome Young Man’

In September, Karyn Lombardo wrote on a new profile picture her son posted on Facebook, “Love this handsome young man!! 🥰”

“Handsome,” she wrote on another selfie posted by her son.

Kyle Lombardo’s profile pictures show him in sunglasses and wearing a baseball cap with a plant on it. Kyle Lombardo’s Facebook page says he lives and is from Burbank and “went to John Burroughs High School” in Burbank.

His cover photo showed a guitar.

4. Karyn Lombardo Shared Family Photos on Facebook & Her Husband Referred to Her as the ‘Unofficial Mayor of Burbank’

Vince Lombardo told ABC7 that he was out of town when the death occurred. “She’s been a teacher in Burbank for over 30 years and has a significant following in Burbank,” he said of his wife. “A lot of kids, a lot of people. I always called her the unofficial mayor of Burbank.”

Karyn Lombardo filled her Facebook page with family photos.

Her profile picture shows her with her husband. Other photos show her with her son and daughter. She shared a petition to “Stop the Residential Re-Zoning of Riverside & Main.”

Lombardo also shared a picture of her daughter winning awards.

5. The City of Burbank Remembered Karyn Lombardo as a ‘Cherished Teacher’

In a statement, the City of Burbank wrote, “We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Karyn Lombardo, a cherished teacher whose dedication and passion for education profoundly impacted many lives.”

The statement continued, “Her unwavering commitment to her students and the Burbank community was truly exceptional. She will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to her family, friends and all who knew her during this incredibly challenging time.”

Vince Lombardo told ABC7: “All of her students love her. Coming through the system here, there were students who became teachers because of her. She’s a very magnificent person and I think if you ask anybody, I think she’s too kind and that she loves to a fault.”