Mall of America Shooting Reports: Video Captures Possible Gunfire

mall of america shooting

Twitter Mall of America shooting video

Shots were fired at Mall of America in Minnesota at the Nike store, and video has emerged. However, no victim was located, according to Bloomington, Minnesota, police.

An eight-second video shared on Twitter on August 4, 2022, appears to capture the sound of gunfire at the Nike store. A man can be seen going into the store, and there are sounds of someone shouting.

“We are currently working an active incident inside Mall of America on the northwest side. Numerous officers are on scene. We will update when we have more information,” Bloomington police tweeted.

They later tweeted, “We have secured the scene at the Mall of America and can confirm that shots were fired. This is an isolated incident. The suspect fled the MOA on foot and officers are in the process of interviewing witnesses. At this time we have not located a victim.”

They added, “Once the lockdown is lifted at the Mall Of America the mall will be closed for the evening.” A few minutes later, they wrote, “Mall of America is in the prcess of lifting the lockdown.”

You can watch the video below. Brittney Ermon, a reporter with KTSP-TV, tweeted, “Law enforcement is responding to a reported shooting at the Mall of America. This video appears to show the moment it happened near the Nike Store.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Mall Was Placed on Lockdown

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The Mall of America tweeted, “Mall of America is now lifting the lockdown. Guests on Level 2 are being asked to wait for an escort from Mall personnel. All other guests should now exit property. The North entrance is closed at this time. Mall of America will remain closed for the rest of the evening.”

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the popular shopping destination was placed on lockdown, but authorities had not yet said why.

Here’s video from another angle. “What was that?” a man says repeatedly in it.

Danny Reinan, 22, a Minneapolis student, told the Star-Tribute that the lockdown came at 4:20 p.m.

“It was all really sudden. We were at the Barnes and Noble and suddenly there was an announcement over the loudspeaker that the mall is on lockdown and it’s not a drill,” Reinan said to the newspaper. “The staff rushed us into the back room where we are waiting right now. Everybody’s trying to stay calm but you can really feel the tension and anxiety in the air.”

Other Videos Showed People on Lockdown at the Mall

People posted other videos to social media showing the mall in lockdown.

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People posted on Twitter about being locked down in the mall for two hours.

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A woman tweeted, “My hubby and daughter were going to go on a roller coaster over at @mallofamerica
just now but there’s a shooter so, nah…”

Photos showed a mass law enforcement presence inside the mall.

Details are still very preliminary. Sometimes active shooter reports can be wrong.

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