Melitopol TikTok Videos Show Ukrainians Facing Down Tanks, Russian Soldiers

melitopol tiktok videos

TikTok Scenes from the Melitopol TikTok videos.

Dramatic videos on TikTok out of Melitopol, Ukraine, show Ukrainians dramatically facing down Russian tanks and soldiers. You can watch the videos throughout this article. Ukrainians in the south-eastern city of Melitopol march towards Russian soldiers whilst being threatened with gun fire #ukraine #military #russia ♬ original sound – MaltaToday

Gunfire erupts in one TikTok video showing Ukrainians walking toward Russian soldiers, but the Ukrainians keep advancing toward the Russians. One person waves a small Ukrainian flag, and others walk with their hands up.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Second Video Shows Protesters Squaring Off Against Tanks

@nowthis Protestors in #Melitopol #Ukraine ♬ original sound – nowthis

The second TikTok video out of Melitopol, posted by @nowthis, is captioned, “Protestors in #Melitopol #Ukraine used their bodies to block Russian military vehicles’ path through the city.”

It shows a group of protesters pushing against tanks.

A comment writer on that thread wrote, “The Ukrainian people have shown more bravery, integrity, humanity, and strength than I’ve ever seen. I hope they all get to live well and peaceful.”

Another wrote, “Ukraine doesn’t need NATO; NATO needs Ukraine.” Another opined, “Much respect for the Ukraine civilians. They are in the middle of it all.”

Another wrote, “My thoughts and prayers are with you Ukraine!! STAND WITH UKRAINE 🇺🇦” And yet another person wrote, “So much respect for them all, such brave and unwavering souls 🥺”

The City Has Been Under Russian Occupation

@aravosis #Ukrainian civilians just staged a defiant protest against #Russian troops in the southern city of #Melitopol ♬ original sound – John Aravosis

According to The New York Times, there have many such scenes of defiance in Melitopol.

As of March 3, 2022, the city had been under “Russian occupation” for at least three days, The Times reported.

The Times reported that some people were protesting and meeting the soldiers were a “mix of anger, scorn and acceptance,” but others lined up to get aid from Russian troops. Another video, according to The Times, shows Melitopol residents giving Russian soldiers the finger.

See more TikTok videos from Melitopol here.

According to Britannica, Melitopol, also spelled Melitopol’, is a city in southeastern Ukraine, on the Molochna River. “The frontier settlement of Novooleksandrivka grew up in the late 18th century, and in 1841 it became the city of Melitopol. The centre of a fruit-growing area, Melitopol has been the site of engineering plants and light industries,” the site explains

In contrast to the TikTok videos, the Russian News Agency and propaganda machine, Tass, alleged, “Russian forces have swept into Melitopol meeting no resistance during the operation aimed at demilitarizing Ukraine.”

Reuters reported that Melitopol was the first city with significant population to be seized with Russia since its invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s First Lady spoke out on Instagram, alleging that 38 children have been killed by the Russians.

“I appeal to all the unbiased media in the world! Tell this terrible truth: Russian invaders are killing Ukrainian children,” she wrote.

“Tell it to Russian mothers — let them know what exactly their sons are doing here, in Ukraine. Show these photos to Russian women — your husbands, brothers, compatriots are killing Ukrainian children! Let them know that they are personally responsible for the death of every Ukrainian child because they gave their tacit consent to these crimes.”

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