‘Racist’ Wedding Speech TikTok Video & Transcript

racist wedding speech tiktok

TikTok A screenshot from what some are calling a racist wedding speech on TikTok

What some are calling a “racist” wedding speech video has gone viral on TikTok.

The video was shared on TikTok by Tori, who posts as @browneyed_beautee. According to Indy100, the TikTok user is the groom’s sister. The video has accrued more than 1.1 million likes. The woman in the video insisted, “I’m not going to be racist, you guys.”

On TikTok, Tori wrote: “CRINGE WARNING. So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like.” She wrote in the comment thread, “I honestly think she was really nervous but geez it made a lot of us feel very awkward during and afterwards 😬”

Here’s what you need to know:

‘I’m Gonne Be Racist, OK,’ She Said, Before Announcing, ‘Just Kidding’


⚠️CRINGE WARNING⚠️ So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… 😬🫣 Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like 😳😅

♬ original sound – Tori NOT Torrie,Tory,Or Torie

The woman giving the speech is named Shannon. She indicated in the speech that she knows the bride, a woman named Tracy, but doesn’t know the groom, Antony, well, noting that the bride talks about him. “You guys are so cute together,” she said.

“You better take care of my girl because if you don’t, I know where you live,” she said. “Just kidding.”

Then it went off the rails.

“You’re a part of the family, I swear to God. Like, I’m not going to be racist, you guys, I’m just sayin,'” she said.

@browneyed_beautee Replying to @alexandrakaychris her response @crazy_blue_eyez1505 ♬ Tomorrow 2 BARDI – Jayde

She continued, “I’m gonna be racist, OK,” laughing, “Just kidding. Just kidding.” Then, she said a mixed-race couple are “outstepping the stereotype and I love it.” At another point, she said she swears she “loves Black people.”

@browneyed_beautee Replying to @browneyed_beautee ♬ original sound – Tori NOT Torrie,Tory,Or Torie

A person at the wedding started clapping, and that ended her speech.

Comment Writers Had a Field Day After Watching the video

Some people shared a translation of the wedding speech on Twitter.

On the original TikTok comment thread, people mocked Shannon. Here are some of the comments:

“Whoever started clapping = hero. I mean, that had to end. Brutal.”

“Did the bride not have any other friends.”

“But what kind of a person even has a friend like this? Now I’m questioning the bride. And because I question the bride, I question the groom too.😂”

“Y’all the wedding still went on and it was a great time!”

@browneyed_beautee Replying to @rebekah.lee ♬ Love Of My Life – Metrow Ar

“WHATTTTTTT this is like watching stand up on an open mic night.”

“This went way worse than I thought it ever could have.”

“My skin was peeling away from the bone trying to watch this.”

“Her lack of preparation for the speech tells me she was never meant to give one 👀”

“When I didn’t think it could get any worse… it got worse and worse and worse.”

“I had to pause it and pace around the room because why?? Why did no one stop her?”

“I watched in intervals because I couldn’t sit for the whole thing. I am cringing so hard I can’t even look I had to just listen while reading comments.”

“I would think about this everynight before I went to bed for the rest of my life.”

“Oh my gosh. This was painful to watch. She’ll be laying in bed 50 years from now reliving this moment. Ouch.”

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