Sarah Vilard: Woman Fakes Wedding to Get Back at Her Ex

Instagram/@stayfitwsarah Sarah Vilard.

Sarah Vilard is a young woman from Germany who says she staged a fake wedding to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. She posted the admission and photos from the “big day” on social media. The video has been viewed nearly two million times. She set it to Gnarls Barkley’s song “Crazy.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Vilard Hired an Actor to Play the Groom & Even Rented a Luxury Venue for the Photoshoot

Vilard spared no expense for the elaborate stunt. The Daily Mail reports Vilard rented the venue at Villa Kennedy. It’s a five-star hotel in Frankfurt.

Vilard hasn’t specified how much money she spent on the venue. But based on Villa Kennedy’s website, it likely wasn’t cheap. The venue charges more than $200 per guest for receptions.

Vilard hired an actor to pretend to be her new husband, The Daily Mail reported. She wore what looked to be a real wedding dress and the “groom” had on a nice suit. The photographer snapped photos of them dancing in front of the venue and holding hands as they walked up a set of stairs. Vilard also included a photo with another friend who wore a bridesmaid’s dress.

Vilard acknowledged on TikTok that the fake wedding could be viewed as over-the-top. She wrote in the caption, “Yup I’m crazy.” On the video itself, she included a selfie to show her reflecting on the memory and included the words, “Remembering the time when I faked getting married and had a photoshoot to get revenge on my ex.”

The Fake Wedding Was Staged 3 Months After the Breakup & Vilard Says Her Ex Assumed She Had Cheated on Him

sarah vilard fake wedding

TikTok/@sarahvilardSarah Vilard says she staged a fake wedding to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

The staged photoshoot took place three months after Vilard and her boyfriend separated, according to The Daily Mail. The pictures were initially shared on Instagram, where Vilard’s ex would find them. She says her former beau believed she had really gotten married and texted her the following day.

She shared the screenshots on TikTok. In the messages, he asked Vilard if she had been cheating on him during their relationship and asked about the “groom.” Vilard kept the charade going in the text chain. She responded that she had met the other man right after their breakup and had not cheated.

The New York Post reported that according to Vilard, her ex-boyfriend came to her house to talk about the “wedding.” Vilard said she wasn’t interested in talking to her ex and proceeded to block him on social media after that. In the TikTok comments, Vilard shared she felt “so satisfied” after the exchange with her ex.

Vilard Is a Fitness Coach

Vilard works as a fitness coach, according to The Sun. Her Instagram account includes workout routines, selfies focused on specific body parts and inspirational messages.

Vilard launched her Instagram account in July 2019. She shared at the time that she was a 22-year-old student originally from Frankfurt, Germany. She wrote she wanted to “share lil fitness tips and my journey in hopes of helping other people find happiness in the fitness world as I have.”

Vilard doesn’t post often but her Instagram photos suggest she likes to travel. In addition to her hometown of Frankfurt, Vilard also tagged herself in Santorini in Greece and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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