Sea Lion Jumps in Boat to Escape Orcas Video Goes Viral on TikTok

sea lion boat orcas video

TikTok Screenshots from the sea lion boat orcas video

A video has gone viral showing a sea lion jumping into a boat to escape orcas. You can watch the video later in this article.

The video originally emerged on the TikTok page @nutabull, who wrote on the profile that she was from Vancouver Island. It has since been deleted, however. People on TikTok then made videos mocking the TikTok user for not wanting the sea lion to stay in the boat where the animal was safe from the whales.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do. Oh boy,” the woman, who hasn’t been named, says in one video clip. “You have to go, honey.” She also said on video, “You need to go, I know you’ll suffer honey but this is how the world works.” There are two videos that emerged of the scene.

Many people criticized the woman, expressing empathy for the sea lion, which they say she should have helped. People made memes about the situation.

“The very fact that once the sea lion gets off her boat, she starts it up and drives off says that concern about hurting the orcas with the propeller had nothing to do with why she was stationary. She just didn’t care about the animal’s life and wanted it off her boat,” wrote a Twitter user.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Sea Lion Jumps Off the Boat at One Point in the Video

A man who shared the video on Twitter wrote, “This part of the video: The Sea Lion jumps back into the water, tries to jump back up when chased by the Orcas, and then finally goes back down. She was like, ‘Welp… I got to go.’”

At another point, she said, “you got to go, I don’t have time for this” to the sea lion. According to Daily Mail, the TikTok user captioned the first video, “An orca looks right up at me,’ @nutabull captioned the video. ‘Where’s my lunch, b****? Give it up now!'”

“Oh my goodness,” a woman on the boat says, as the orcas circle the boat and surface briefly. A sea lion is sitting on the edge of the boat. It goes back in the water, but then it emerges again to jump on the boat. “I gotta go. I gotta go,” the woman says.

Similar videos have gone viral before:

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People Mocked the Video on TikTok

@turd_monkey_1 Came across @nutabull's video before it got deleted and I made this… (All jokes I don't mean to offend you if you see this) #fyp #xyzbca ♬ original sound – Monkey Boy

Some people referred to the woman as a “Karen.”

Another video on TikTok, which uses an expletive to make fun of the woman, shows her telling the sea lion it can’t stay on the boat.

Other videos on TikTok also mocked the original poster.

@zoominportraits Killer whales.. @nutabull #zoominportraits #foryoupage #viral #foryou #trending #duet #killerwhales #creature #fishing ♬ original sound – Zoom in Portraits

It’s no wonder sea lions are scared of orcas; even Great White Sharks will leave the area when they are spotted, according to the Smithsonian.

Some people defended the woman. “All she did was tell the sea lion to go away while panicking about being surrounded by Orcas.
Last time I checked, sea lions don’t speak English so I wouldn’t count that as ‘trying to kick sea lion off her boat,'” wrote one Twitter user.

Others weren’t as forgiving. “I would have found a way to save myself and try to see if I can save the sea lion. The lady stood still like if she was also the prey. She probably knew that there was orcas in that area. That’s what the other people don’t understand. She acted dumb,” wrote a Twitter user.

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