Travis Nagdy Dead: Tributes Flood in for Prominent Louisville Activist

travis nagdy dead

Facebook Travis Nagdy

Travis Nagdy is a prominent Black Lives Matter activist who was shot and killed in Louisville, Kentucky, in the early morning hours of November 23, according to his mother and local live streamers.

“It is with a heavy and broken heart that I tell you my Beautiful and Intelligent son Travis Nagdy has been tragically killed in a carjacking,” wrote Christina Muimneach on Facebook, sparking a flood of tributes for the activist, who has been a fixture at Breonna Taylor protests.

“So sorry for your loss your Son was a true inspiration to myself and the movement. He is irreplaceable and his leadership and love will be greatly missed. Condolences to you Mother,” wrote a man in response to that post. “Thank you for sharing your Son with us. You did an awesome job as a mother to bring that awesome spirit into the world and he be the light he was I say to you job well done. I am praying for you.”

Muimneach responded, “Thank you so much 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼! I am humbled by your words and also comforted❤️.” She also wrote, “Thank you so much! ❤️ I can Not believe my Beautiful Baby Boy is not with us any more, but my heart beams with pride that he was able to make such a big and loving family in his short time on earth.” Three hours before posting the sad news, she wrote, “My son has been shot. I am on my way to the hospital. Pray warriors needed. I don’t know his condition.”

Nagdy’s last Facebook post read, “All hands on deck 22nd & Gilligan” shortly before midnight. That’s the address of an unrelated police shooting death in Louisville a few hours before, which caused some confusion about what happened to him. However, a local live streamer who was at the hospital, where a vigil erupted, said the Gilligan shooting did not involve Nagdy. That matches other reports on social media.

This livestream by Riotheart showed protesters outside the Louisville hospital. “Very few details on the situation,” he said. “Earlier this evening, Travis, of the organizers of local protests in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot. No details on who is responsible for the shooting. I don’t have full details on his status either. Hearing a lot of rumors going in different directions.” He said the shooting occurred on Crittenden.

Here’s what you need to know:

Live Streamer Riotheart Posted Photos of a Vigil for Nagdy Outside the Hospital

Riotheart, who has thousands of followers on Facebook, later posted photos of a vigil outside the hospital, which shows people hugging in grief. “Protesters and family gather to mourn the loss of organizer Travis Nagdy,” he wrote in the caption.

Shameka L. Parrish-Wright, a political candidate for JCPS District 4 and Operations Manager at The Bail Project, wrote on Facebook, “You ever met a natural born leader? I have and 6 months later he was shot. #Day180 demanding #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor✊🏾 at #InjusticeSquarePark. We lost a great one today! This whole time I and we been out here for our young people like Travis. We have become a family and all that comes with it! This is a horrible loss so I am posting this now while I can. Rest in peace young beautiful black man.”

Other live streamers were active during the night.

Despite the lack of official confirmation from police that Nagdy had died, condolences continued to flood social media in the immediate hours after the shooting:

“Anytime Travis Nagdy gets tired he said he puts himself in the shoes of those whose lives have been taken,” an article for KCENTV read in September 2020.

“Truly enraged me because I know that that could have been me, that could have been my brothers, that could have been any one of us,” Nagdy said to the television station.

It’s True That a Person Was Shot & Killed on Crittenden Drive

According to WHAS11, a man was shot and killed overnight in the 2100 block of Crittenden Drive near Bradley Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. on November 23. The homicide unit was called to the scene. The story doesn’t name the man.

The Courier Journal reported that a person died at that location after police found him shot. Police responded to a report of a shooting shortly before 12:30 p.m. The shooting is not believed to be related to the police shooting, according to the newspaper. It also does not name the victim.

Nagdy’s death has not been confirmed by authorities. However, social media flooded with reports that Nagy was dead or fighting for his life in the hospital after being shot. The reports filled up comment threads and were shared by other live streamers, even prompting a woman who said she was his sister to seek information on Nagdy’s own comment thread.

Nagdy went by the name cairo_egypt413 on Instagram. One live stream from Louisville initially warned people not to spread “false information” about him.

Over the years, Nagdy was featured in different news articles. “People like Travis Nagdy cast their ballot for the first time after his voting rights were restored following a non-violent felony charge,” read a article in October 2020.

A Police Shooting Death Sunday Night Is Unrelated to the Crittenden Shooting

Police held a press conference about the police-related shooting death.

We wrote to Louisville police to ask whether Nagdy was dead, but we haven’t heard back yet. They did write on Facebook, “The homicide investigation underway on Crittenden Dr. & the incident on Gilligan (Portland Neighborhood) are separate, unrelated incidents.”

Never Stop Media LLC wrote on Facebook, “Reports coming in that Travis Nagdy – A Lousiville Kentucky Activist was shot and killed. According to his Facebook Page last post he was in this area/intersection. This is where the officer involved shooting happened.”

However, another person wrote on the thread, “This was not the Travis incident according to other sources.” Another person wrote, “2 separate shootings in Louisville tonight Travis was after 12am do not know his condition at the hospital.” It appears from multiple accounts on social media that the police shooting does not involve Nagdy.

You can listen to the police dispatch audio from the police shooting here.

Here’s another live stream from the chaotic night in Louisville.

And another:

According to WHAS11, a man was killed Sunday night, November 22, “during a traffic stop in the Portland neighborhood.” The story doesn’t name the man. That is the police shooting believed to be unrelated to Nagdy’s death.

LMPD’s Interim Chief Yvette Gentry told the station that, around 10:30 p.m. on November 22, an officer pulled over a suspected stolen car in the 2100 block of Gilligan Street.

The station says that the officer “fired his weapon and shot a man in the car” during the traffic stop. The man died at the hospital.

A white female in the car ran from the scene. The officer was not identified.

In the press conference, the chief said, “About 10:30 p.m. tonight…an officer conducted a traffic stop on a stolen car.”
During the course of the stop, “the officer discharged his weapon, hitting one of the occupants in the car,” she said. “He unfortunately succumbed to his wounds.”

The officer was transported with injuries not related to being shot. The Kentucky State Police are leading the investigation. There is body camera footage of the incident, she said. The identity of the person shot by police is not yet known.

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