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9 Best Bike Trailers: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Getting yourself and all your gear from A to B on a bicycle can be quite the challenge depending on where and how far you’re cycling, as well as your equipment load. Our list of the best bike trailers has tracked down a great array of different size and style trailers so you can load up and hit the road with a towing system that’s perfect for your needs!

Aosom Wanderer Folding Bicycle Cart Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 110 pound weight capacity
  • Side walls fold down to accomodate for awkwardly sized cargo
  • Removable wheels
Price: $124.93 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Burley Flatbed, Aluminum Utility Cargo Bike Trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 100 pound weight capacity
  • Open ends for loading longer pieces of gear
  • Ultralight option
Price: $479.35 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 88 pound weight capacity
  • Effectively waterproof
  • Removable cargo box
Price: $122.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 100 pound weight capacity
  • Folding frame and quick release wheels
  • Great price point
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Apex Single Wheel Pull-Behind Bicycle Trailer with Cargo Bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 65 pound weight capacity
  • Single pneumatic wheel setup
  • Cargo bag can be detached and worn as a backpack
Price: $121.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Burley nomad bike trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 100 pound weight capcity
  • Weather resistant cover
  • Great organization potential
Price: $689.38 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Burley Travoy Bike Trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 60 pound weight capacity
  • Folds down into a briefcase sized tote
  • Tote bag included
Price: $461.74 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Rambo R180 Aluminum Bike trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 150-pound weight capacity
  • Offroad compatible
  • Quickly converts into a hand cart
Price: $425.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Tows up to 50-pound pets
  • Breaks down nice and compact for storage
  • Super safe pet trailer option
Price: $169.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Aosom Wanderer Folding Bicycle Cart

    • 110 pound weight capacity
    • Side walls fold down to accomodate for awkwardly sized cargo
    • Removable wheels include reflectors for added safety and are streamlined for easy towing
    • Great price point
    • Simple to use, universal hitch
    • No tie downs for lashing gear
    • Tires are streamlined, and therefore won't do well off road
    • No color options

    The Wanderer Folding Bicycle Storage Cart from Aosom is a great value, straight forward bike cart option with a high weight capacity (110 pounds) for towing heavier loads. 

    This unit is built with a steel frame and a durable PE bottom that can be conveniently folded up for easy transport when not attached to your bicycle. The side walls and ends of this bike cart also fold down if your towing large, awkwardly sized cargo and need some extra sprawl space for your gear.

    This purchase comes with a type ‘B’ bicycle hitch-kit to attach to your bicycle, and is compatible with any style bike! It’s 55 inches long from the hitch to the rear of the trailer, so although this is a fairly spacious option it still stays tight to your bicycle while making turns and handles well in general.

    The wheels are slim to be as high speed/low drag as possible and are furthermore removable for easy storage. Aosom has also included four reflectors between the two wheels as an added safety feature.

    For a simply designed, easy to handle and utilize bike trailer, the Wanderer by Aosom is no doubt an excellent value option! 

  2. 2. Burley Flatbed Aluminum Utility Cargo Bike Trailer

    • 100 pound weight capacity
    • Tough fabric design and aluminum frame make this an ultralight option
    • Open ends for loading longer pieces of gear
    • Push-button release, 16-inch spoked wheels
    • Folds and packs remarkably compact!
    • Fairly expensive option
    • No color options
    • Hitch design likely won't fare well off-road

    Here’s a super high speed, low drag minimalist option of bike trailer by Burley Design that you’ll forget you’re even towing.

    This unit is not cheap, but you get what you pay for with this one. The design of this bike trailer folds up remarkably compact and slim allowing it to be stashed virtually anywhere when not in use. The fabric design of the trailer body also makes this option super lightweight so it’s a breeze to transport both on and off your bicycle.

    The ends have been left open on this model trailer so you can easily load up longer pieces of gear. If you’re worried about your cargo dumping out because of the open cockpit, then just utilize a simple cargo net to tie down all your items – it will attach easily to this model trailer.

    This is definitely a solid option if you’re unwilling to sacrifice your need for speed, but also want to be able to tow some serious gear loads.

    The Burley Flatbed furthermore has push-button release, 16-inch spoked wheels so popping them off and folding up the trailer is made that much easier. All the hardware is quality-made with this unit from the flex-connector hitch system to the folding components of the flatbed walls.

    An expensive option yes, but once you get behind your handlebars with this one you’ll notice exactly how streamlined and solid the Burley Flatbed feels!

  3. 3. Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer

    • Effectively waterproof
    • Removable cargo box
    • Heavy duty wheels can handle a fair amount of abuse
    • Built in reflectors line the trailer for added safety
    • Stable option that tows nice and tight to your bicycle
    • Easily converted to a hand cart
    • The inherent design does not really allow for the transport of awkwardly sized, particularly long gear
    • Weight capacity is not super impressive at 88 pounds
    • No color options

    The Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer is a unique bike trailer option with a removable cargo box that could be perfect for your towing needs depending on your gear load.

    The removable cargo box component of this option makes it perfect for applications like grocery shopping – just pop the box off and you can load and unload whatever it is you’re towing wherever you’d like. Bring it into the supermarket, load up and off you go! When you reach home, pop the cargo box off your bicycle and carry its contents right inside!

    The weight capacity is 88 pounds, so you can tow quite a bit in this bike trailer for its size. 

    The frame is a durable steel construction while the body is crafted from ultralight 600D Oxford cloth. The two materials combine to create a light and easy to tow bike trailer, and the fabric body is furthermore effectively weather-proof. Asosom has also included a nice array of reflectors with this option to ensure you stay visible on the road. 

    This is not the most streamlined bike trailer, so if you’re looking for something fast and sleek for longer rides you’ll want to look elsewhere. That being said, the tires are fairly thin and tow nicely despite the heavy duty appearance of the wheels.

    One of the best features of this bike trailer is that it can be easily and quickly converted into a hand cart! It’s a great size cart for towing with man power and once again considering the practicality of the removable cargo box, you can do a lot with this unit!

    For the cost, this is a brilliant little bike trailer option with all sorts of potential applications!

  4. 4. Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer

    • Folding frame and quick release wheels
    • Great price point
    • Built in D-rings for additional, external gear attachment
    • Included universal coupler for easy attachment to virtually any bicycle
    • Multiple color options
    • Will not handle rough, off road conditions very well
    • Not a particularly large gear capacity despite its high weight bearing ability
    • Although covered, this bike trailer is water resistant, not waterproof

    The Schwinn Day Tripper is a highly streamlined, super easy to tow bike trailer option that’s great for smaller gear loads!

    This little trailer might not have large dimensions, but it sports a 100-pound weight capacity allowing you to tow quite a bit of gear. External D-ring attachment points give you some additional space to secure equipment, and there’s even a weather resistant cover to flip-over your water sensitive items.

    The entire Day Tripper folds down impressively tiny and the quick-release wheels pop right off for easy storage. This is no doubt one of the easiest to tow and store bike trailer options. The 16-inch two-tire design is not really suitable for offroad conditions, but makes for a nice and smooth ride over hard surfaces that’s great for longer travel times!

    A simple and affordable bike trailer for the cyclist seeking an easy to tow, minimalist option – the Day Tripper by Schwinn is no doubt one of the best budget options on the market!

  5. 5. Apex Single Wheel Pull-Behind Bicycle Trailer with Cargo Bag

    • Single pneumatic wheel setup is very streamlined for easy towing
    • Cargo bag can be detached and worn as a backpack and is highly water resistant
    • Includes a safety flag, built-in reflectors and rear wheel fender for added safety
    • Can be utilized without the cargo bag for a greater gear capcity
    • Solid frame is lightweight, does not wobble, and tows nicely
    • Great price point
    • Weight and cargo load is not very high, but remember this is a highly streamlined bike trailer
    • No color options
    • Only compatible with 24 to 28-inch tire bicycles

    Here’s a lower capacity, single wheel bike trailer for those who need just a bit of added storage.

    The Apex Single Wheel Pull-Behind Bicycle Trailer with Cargo Bag is the perfect solution for those cyclists who need just a bit more gear storage than wearing a backpack allows. This is a highly streamlined, super lightweight yet durably built trailer option that will get your excess gear to wherever you’re going! 

    You can utilize this bike trailer option with or without the highly water resistant cargo bag, so if you rather not strategically pack and want to just toss your gear into the frame – go ahead. The cargo bag can also be conveniently detached from the trailer and worn as a backpack so it’s super easy to grab-and-go with all your equipment once you reach your destination.

    The total weight capacity is just 65 pounds, so you can’t tow particularly heavy loads with this one. 

    This trailer attaches super easily to almost any style bicycle with wheels between 24 and 28 inches, but it won’t be able to handle going offroad. The frame is certainly built durable, but it’s inherent design and the size of the single wheel make it unsuitable for any off the beaten path adventures.

  6. 6. Burley Nomad Cargo Trailer

    • 100 pound weight capcity
    • Weather resistant cover
    • Collapsible interior space dividerĀ and 6 interior tie-down clips
    • Great organization potential for gear intensive cyclists
    • Fold flat design and push-button release wheels
    • Expensive option
    • No color options
    • Won't handle offroad conditions very well

    The Burley Nomad is a top quality bike trailer system with high load bearing capabilities that is intended for those serious about cycling. 

    The price tag is certainly not low on this one, but this is a super reliable bike trailer option that you’ll own for many miles of touring and adventuring. The Nomad weighs less than 15 pounds but can tow up to 100 pounds making it quite the workhorse for its weight. The built-in cover is also highly weather resistant so your gear won’t get soaked by the elements on those inclement weather rides!

    The two-wheel chassis and Burley hitch system are renowned for superior tracking and stability on the road, this unit handles really nicely. You get what you pay for with this one – it’s a lot more than a simple cargo-frame with a bicycle hitch.

    Burley Designs has built the Nomad Trailer to fold flat when not in use and has also incorporated a push-button wheel release system for easy breakdown and storage. 

    There are three large mesh pockets, a collapsible interior space divider and six tie-down clips on the inside of the trailer so you can really organize all your cargo. For those gear intensive cyclists who prefer to keep things nice and orderly, this is the bike trailer for you! 

    If your budget allows, the Burley Nomad is the ideal bike trailer for virtually any on-road cycling scenario!

  7. 7. Burley Travoy Bike Trailer

    • Upright design creates even weight distribution and is perfect for towing certain loads
    • Folds down into a briefcase sized tote
    • Tote bag included
    • Can be detached and converted into a rolling hand cart
    • Three year warranty
    • Low weight capacity at 60 pounds
    • Inherenet design limits what you can trialer with this option - it's more of a specializzed unit than a do-everything type trailer
    • Expensive option

    Here’s a unique bike trailer system by Burley Design for towing gear loads that need to remain upright like groceries! 

    The Travoy Bike Trailer is a different approach to the standard bicycle trailer designs that props your gear upright (depending on what you’re towing of course) rather than lay it down flat. It secures below the bike seat and extends over the rear wheel of your cycle.

    There is a tote bag included, so you don’t have to awkwardly strap your belongings to the ‘stretcher-style’ frame. The 45-degree angle of the Travoy is great for towing home groceries in particular, so if you often hit the supermarket by bicycle this is an option that should be on your radar!

    The folding design and snap-on wheels allow this unit to break down nice and compact for storage, so this trailer is easily hidden away when not in use. Fully broken down, the Travoy is about the size of a briefcase! 

    The entire Travoy can furthermore be detached from your bicycle and utilized as a hand cart – pretty cool right? The ability to use this trailer apart from your bicycle is definitely a game-changer, there’s even a built-in kickstand!

    The only real downfall of the Travoy is the fact that it’s built with 12-inch wheels. This will limit where you can tow this trailer – it won’t handle bumpy road conditions very well. 

    All in all, this is a stellar choice of bike trailer for the right towing applications. Shopping and simple gear-toting is made easy with the Travoy’s unique and practical upright, angled design!

  8. 8. Rambo R180 Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart

    • 150-pound weight capacity
    • Offroad compatible - this is a great option for hauling firewood and retrieving fallen game
    • Quickly converts into a hand cart
    • Super durable design can take a beating on all fronts
    • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
    • Not a very streamlined bike trailer option when it comes to cruising longer distances
    • Expensive option
    • No encolsure or tie-down system to secure awkwardly sized/shaped gear

    The Rambo R180 Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart is a heavy duty, offroad-compatible bike trailer that’s built to handle heavy loads and crummy roads! 

    Hunters who need some assistance hauling out harvested game utilize this bike trailer due to its ability to romp off the beaten path. The 150-pound weight capacity and ability to be quickly converted into a hand cart make it the perfect option for more wilderness-geared tasks like retreiving fallen game, collecting firewood or lugging heavy gear around your campsite. 

    This is not the bike trailer you’re looking for if you’re interested in a high speed, streamlined option that you and your gear can crush miles in. This trailer tows and handles nicely, but it’s not nearly as low-drag and easy to tow as a lot of the other more road-oriented options listed here. 

    The trailer design is also more or less open, although there are high sides to keep the contents from dumping out. This is a pro or a con depending on what you want to utilize the trailer for.

    The good news is, the aluminum alloy and heavy-duty fabric construction of the frame and trailer body will stand up to some serious abuse so whatever you decide to use this trailer for won’t damage it. The rugged wheels are even reinforced within the frame for some added structural rigidity.

    The Rambo Bike Trailer conveniently folds flat for easy storage when not in use, so it can be easily stashed between seasons. All in all, a fantastic tool for campers, hunters and outdoorsmen in general who also have a passion for cycling. 

  9. 9. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

    • Tows up to 50-pound pets
    • Folding design and quick-release wheels break down nice and compact
    • Includes a rain cover, safety flag and built-in leash
    • Rear doggy-door makes loading and unloading easy
    • Fully ventilated to ensure your furry friend catches a good breeze and stays cool in there
    • Washable trailer liner
    • Multiple color options
    • 50-pounds weight capacity means you can't tow larger dog breeds or multiple pets
    • Longterm durability of the fabric body is questionable
    • Wheels and suspension are not suitable for going offroad

    You didn’t think we’d leave out a trailer option for your furry friends did you? The Rascal Pet Trailer by Schwinn is an awesome, affordable option of pet trailer that will get you and your pets out on the road together!

    This unit can support up to 50 pounds, so it’s not for particularly big dogs, or for more than one average-sized canine. That being said, there’s plenty of room for even the lankiest of furry-friends who are known to enjoy a nice sprawl! 

    There’s an adjustable internal leash that will keep your pet from jumping out of the trailer, as well as a rear doggy-door for easy entry and exit! A safety flag is included so everyone on the road knows you’re towing precious cargo, and essentially the entire unit is ventilated for good breathability. There’s even a rain cover for if and when the weather turns nasty out on the road!

    Schwinn has no doubt built a great quality pet trailer that prioritizes both your safety and the safety of your furry friend.

    Although this unit is designed to tow animals and not gear loads, there’s no reason you can’t use it as an equipment trailer when you’re not towing your pets! It handles quite nicely so whatever you’re towing will feel solid and secure to your bicycle.

    This trailer also breaks down conveniently compact for storage when it’s not in use. The folding steel frame and quick release wheels combine to create a bike trailer that’s easily stashed when not on the road. 

    For those who are inseparable with their pets, the Rascal Pet Trailer should absolutely be on your radar. 

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