Heybike Horizon Review: Fast, Folding, and Gorgeous

heybike horizon review

The Heybike Horizon Fat Tire Folding Ebike in all its glory.

As the Shopping Editor at Heavy on Shopping and an experienced ebike reviewer, I’ve had the pleasure of testing numerous electric bikes. And there hasn’t been a bike that I’ve been more excited to test than Heybike’s latest, the Horizon. The Heybike Horizon fat tire folding e-bike stands out for its unique combination of aesthetics, power, functionality, and advanced features — and did we mention it folds!? But it does come at price…$1799.

(A Heybike Horizon review unit was provided for an honest review).

Let’s start with the most obvious: The Horizon’s design is a visual treat, with its vibrant gradient from orange to yellow, reminiscent of a sunset. This stylish appearance is a statement piece that reflects the personality and style of its rider. If you’re looking to vibe more under the radar, this isn’t the folding fat tire ebike for you. If you’re looking to ride with style, flare, and charm — then the Horizon is going to be a great choice for you. In fact, I got compliments on it everywhere I went with it.

As far as riding it is concerned, the most immediately noticeable upgrade is the fantastic suspension. Compared to models like the Heybike Tyson, the Horizon’s suspension system is notably stronger, providing a ride that is exceptionally smooth and comfortable. This enhanced suspension plays a critical role in the bike’s ability to handle diverse terrains with ease. I took it on muddy trails, dry and wet streets, and even a bit of snow (yes, it has already snowed here in upstate New York!) with ease — and felt safe doing so.

And again, even as a slightly heavier ebike holding a heavier person, this baby can zip. The Horizon’s performance is really impressive, thanks to its 1200W peak power rear-hub motor and powerful 48V battery. This combination makes it suitable for a variety of riders, including those who are heavier, ensuring a consistent and reliable riding experience. I had no issues getting it up to its advertised 28mph!

The battery life and charger of the Heybike Horizon is also super impressive. It features a 48V 4A fast charger, which can fully charge the bike in just 3 hours. This quick charging capability means less downtime and more time enjoying the ride. In fact, I’ve never seen an electric bike charge so quickly. The efficient charging, coupled with the bike’s considerable range, makes it a great option for both short commutes and longer adventures.

It is a bit hefty, though. Weighing in at 79 pounds, the Horizon is on the heavier side, largely due to its larger tires and robust suspension system. This added weight, while impacting portability, contributes to the bike’s overall stability and durability. So it’s definitely a trade-off, and who among us doesn’t have a few extra pounds on them?

Still, even at 79 pounds, it folds as advertised and fits right in the back of my small Hyundai Kona without issue.

heybike horizon rear mounted rack

‌The Heybike Horizon’s rear-mounted rack is easy to install.

The Horizon’s utility is further enhanced with its easy-to-install rear rack. On the front of the bike, you’ll find a super bright headlight that will let you tackle the night with visibility. (I noted in my Tyson review that the light is an upgrade compared to the light on the Rattan Quercus).

Final Thoughts

The Heybike Horizon is a versatile and incredibly stylish ebike that stands out in the crowded e-bike market as something wholly unique. Its combination of elevated style, a strong suspension system, folding capability, and a fast charging battery make it a top contender for anyone looking for an ebike that balances performance with prowess. While its weight might be a consideration for some, and its price is definitely something to consider, the Horizon’s overall functionality and unmatched style make it a compelling choice for a wide range of riders.

  • Stylish and Vibrant
  • Powerful 1200W Peak Motor
  • Great Suspension
  • Folding
  • Fat Tires
  • 79 pounds
  • Price

Our Review: 5 out of 5 Stars

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