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15 Best Luxury Dog Collars: The Ultimate List

While dog collars tend to focus primarily on utility, luxury dog collars provide some flair and design to help dress your dog up a bit. If you’re the owner of a doggy fashion icon, here are the best luxury dog collars to help them stay stylish.

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Designer Dog Collars

When it comes to dog collars, you could go entirely utilitarian and emphasize only function. If you're training a puppy, you might need to opt for a dog training collar to aid that process. Otherwise, you might just stick to the concept of the cheaper the better.

For the visionary dog owners among us, aesthetics are the primary consideration when it comes to choosing a dog collar. As we explored when looking at cool dog collars, as long as the basic construction is good enough to do the job, it's really about the image we want our dogs to convey.

Luxury and designer dog collars take that a step further. Luxury dog collars usually feature nicer touches than the average collar, with metalwork, stitching, or finer materials. For lack of a better word, what you're looking for when shopping for these collars is bling.

Leather Dog Collars

To that end, many luxury dog collars have a base material of leather. Compared to the nylon usually employed in the all-arounder best dog collars, leather has a better feel and can age better, too. It also references other high-end pieces, like luxury cars and furniture.

Leather dog collars are quite durable, of course, and unlike nylon, tend to look better with a little bit of wear. They're more likely to be padded, if that's a requirement for your pup, and suit the metalwork that is often paired with them.

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