Sandra Barnett, Buster’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sandra Barnett is the deceased wife of ex-NFL player, Buster Barnett. Police say Sandra was the victim of a horrific murder-suicide because of her husband’s affair with his mistress, Lisa Brown. Sandra Barnett died at the age of 58, according to reports.

Here’s what you need to know about Sandra Barnett and her tragic ending:

1. Her Husband’s Mistress Was Allegedly Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown, 49, from Lithonia, Georgia was having an affair with Buster Barnett for several years leading up to the murder, according to police.

Brown was “on probation for kidnapping out of the state of Texas. She had kidnapped her child that she had lost custody of, and the jurisdiction had to track her for like three days to find her,” according to

She worked as a teacher at North Atlanta High School between 2008 and 2013.

Detective Charlene Watson-Fraser told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

She was upset about a trip that his (Buster Barnett’s) wife was going on with him and it was one she didn’t know about.

2. Buster Barnett Played for the Buffalo Bills

Barnett plays against the Rams in 1983. (Getty)

Barnett plays against the Rams in 1983. (Getty)

Buster Barnett played for the Buffalo Bills in the 1980’s for four seasons. He was drafted at No. 299 by the Bills out of Jackson State University in 1981.

The 6″5 tight end totaled 36 yards in his rookie season, 39 yards in 1982, 94 in 1983 and then 67 in his final season in 1984. He played 46 games in his career and started in 8 of them. His career ended with just one touchdown he made during his rookie year.

Buster Barnett, 56, admitted to detectives that Brown had lashed out at him in regards to a trip on Wednesday and after confronting him at work (as a teacher in the Atlanta Public School System), she went straight to his home to kidnap his wife.

3. Police Say Brown Purchased Handcuffs and then Kidnapped and Killed Sandra

Brown was spotted by the Caroll County Police in Georgia on Interstate 20 driving a Dodge Durango registered in Buster Barnett’s name, according to a report by the Clayton County Police. Barnett was on the phone when she was taken from her home in Ellenwood, GA by Brown.

the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported from Barnett’s friend on the phone at the time:

The friend could hear what sounded like a struggle and then couldn’t reach Barnett on the phone. She then called a male friend to check on Barnett

The man immediately drove past the Barnett’s house and saw a woman in the driveway by a Dodge Durango but by the time he circled back it was too late, Watson-Fraser said.

“When he turned back around, the SUV was gone,” Watson-Fraser said.

Clayton County Police Capt. Richard Gandee told

We’ve uncovered a set of handcuffs and some receipts. [Brown] had purchased the handcuffs prior to this kidnapping.

4. Police Say Brown Committed Suicide After She Killed Barnett

(Screenshot from 11Alive News)

(Screenshot from 11Alive News)

Brown pulled over near exit 208 on the interstate highway after being chased by both the Caroll County Police and the Alabama State Police and proceeded to shoot Barnett directly before putting the gun to her own head and killing herself, said police. Both women died immediately.

5. Sandra Was a Special Needs Teacher

(Screenshot from 11Alive News)

(Screenshot from 11Alive News)

Sandra Barnett was a teacher at McNair Middle School for over two decades. She taught children with special needs at the school in DeKalb County, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A Co-worker told

Everybody just remembers this bubbly, happy spirit — just happy. Every day at work, you could just count on her.