• Melanie McGuire Today: Where Is the ‘Suitcase Killer’ Now in 2020?

    Melanie McGuire is serving a life sentence in the murder of her husband, Bill McGuire, at a women's correctional facility in New Jersey. She says she is innocent.

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    Cecily Aguilar is in a Texas jail where she was transferred as she awaits her trial in connection with the disappearance and murder of Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen. Aaron Robinson, who was the suspect in Guillen's killing, died by suicide before his arrest and Aguilar is accused of helping him get rid of the body.

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    Melinda Kimball was serial killer Phillip Jablonski's first wife, and the first woman he was convicted of killing. He was released on good behavior while serving time in her death, and went on to kill four more women.

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    An update on Bert Pitman, one of Tracey Richter's three children who served as a witness during her murder trial in 2011.

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    Angel's Landing Commune was an innocuous plot of land in a rural area near Wichita, Kansas where a now-convicted rapist and murderer, Daniel Perez, also known as Lou Castro, held power over a cult.

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    Anita Louise Piteau was just 26 years old when someone beat, raped and slashed her throat in 1968; she has been ID'd using genetic genealogy.