Michael ‘Mike’ Nolan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael 'Mike' Nolan Shooting

(Screengrab via News 12)

An Oakland Athletics minor league player is fighting for his life after a shooting at a New York Burger King. The attack happened on the at 12:30 a.m. on September 18 in Yonkers, just outside of the city. The victim is 23-year-old Michael ‘Mike’ Nolan. He’s regarded a promising baseball prospect, but his career has been sidetracked recently due to injury.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His Father Says the Family Are Deciding What to Do With Michael’s Organs

Michael Nolan Shooting Yonkers

(Screengrab via ABC New York)

His father, Jimmy Nolan, told News 12, that his son was shot in the head and the arm. He described the shooting as a “drive-by.” The situation doesn’t look good with Jimmy saying “It don’t want to have to say it, but I might have to make that decision about donating his organs, this is what I have to do now.” He’s being treated at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. Jimmy Nolan described the incident in more detail to CBS New York saying “He was with a friend of his, getting in the car, he was coming home. They drove by and they took two shots at him — one shot him in the arm, the other shot him in the head.” Michael’s father added “I don’t blame the people who go and get legit guns. The stop and frisk? Better bring it back.” No arrests have been made in the shooting of Nolan.

2. Michael Nolan Is a 6-Foot-7 Left-Handed Pitcher

Michael Mike Nolan Twitter


In 2014, Michael was drafted by the Oakland Athletics but was soon hit by injury, delaying his progress. According to Baseball Reference, he went to college at Oklahoma City University. He stands at 6-foot-7. The Yonkers Daily Voice reports that he was selected in the 18th round of the amateur draft. He’s a left-handed pitcher. He was a graduate of Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers.

3. Police Are Investigating Links Between the Shooting & Illegal Street Racing

News 12 reports that the shooting may be related to a drag racing incident that occurred in Yonkers earlier in the week. In July 2014, Christopher Seguinot, 21, was killed during a drag racing accident in Yonkers when his car careered off a bridge. Back in 2006, an illegal drag racer crashed his car through the front of a house. Michael’s last tweet read “I serious I can’t win lol.”

4. 2 of His Aunts Were Killed by a Drunk Driver in the 1980s

Michael Nolan Twitter

A picture that Michael posted to Twitter during the summer.

During the 1980s, two of Michael’s aunts were killed by a drunk driver in the The Bronx, reports Lo Hud.

5. His Dad Was a 9/11 Rescue Worker

According to his Twitter page, Michael Nolan is a Yankees fan and likes to smoke hookah. After the recent 9/11 anniversary, he wrote “To see my pops try to do things to keep his mind off today is crazy smh.” He added “If it ever happens again I would do the same as my pops did because I know it’s what he would do!!!!”