Katherine Ramirez, Jose Reyes’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The wife of Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes is accusing her husband of grabbing her by the throat and throwing her into a glass door. The former New York Met, 32, has been married to Katherine Ramirez, 33, since July 2008. The couple have three daughters, Katherine, Ashley and Joselyn, together.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Reyes Was Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Ramirez on Halloween Night

According to Hawaii News Now, Reyes was arrested on Halloween night and accused of grabbing Ramirez’s throat and pushing her against a glass door. The incident happened in a hotel room in Maui at the Four Seasons Hualalai. The local police were called by hotel security. News Now says that Ramirez had damage to her wrist, neck and thigh.

On his Instagram page, Reyes had been updating his followers with photos of his trip to Hawaii.

2. The Couple Were Married in a ‘Low Key’ Ceremony in New York City’s City Hall in 2008

Reyes and Ramirez married at New York City Hall in July 2008, reported the New York Daily News at the time. The newspaper said at the time that it was a “low key” ceremony, attended only really by family members. One fan told the Daily News then “I think of him as a wild single guy, so it’s surprising. It may help him on the field. I calmed down when I got married.” The wedding happened on a day when he had to play for the Mets.

Katherine Ramirez, Jose Reyes' Wife


A 2011 New York Post feature on Reyes reported that he and Ramirez met in New York in 2003, Reyes’ rookie season, when a friend set them up.

In August 2013, Variety reported that Reyes and Ramirez were about to upgrade to their New York home from a $3.25 million Manhasset mansion, where they lived with the daughters and Reyes’ parents to a $4.5 million mansion in Old Brookville.

3. In 2008, Reyes Was Rumored to Be Having a ‘Road Affair’ With a Pinup Model

Bentley Matthews Jose Reyes Affair

Bentley Matthews was rumored to be having an affair with Jose Reyes in 2008. (Twitter)

Just after his wedding to Ramirez, Reyes was rumored to be having an affair with a model named Bentley Matthews. The New York Daily News reported in September 2008 that Matthews had posted photos to her MySpace page showing pictures of her wearing Reyes’ underwear saying “our big bed where all the magic happens.” The player’s agent, Chris Leible, said the allegation was an “absurd, trashy story.”

4. MLB Players Can Be Suspended From Play While Domestic Abuse Charges Are Pending

As per the new agreement between the Major League Baseball Players Association and the MLB, players can be suspended by the league for accusations of crimes like domestic abuse without conviction. This is likely to have zero effect on Reyes as Spring training isn’t for another three months.

5. Reyes Had Recently Said That He Was Unhappy Playing in Colorado



Since being traded to Colorado from Toronto in July 2015, Reyes had made it known that he was unhappy with his situation. He believed the Rockies were unable to remain competitive throughout a season. Reyes sent to Colorado from the Blue Jays as part of the mega trade that brought Troy Tulowitzki to Canada.

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