WWE Paige Update: Superstar Gets Another Alberto Del Rio Tattoo

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Paige is reportedly trying to get out of her WWE contract after Alberto Del Rio’s departure. (WWE.com)

After her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, quit the WWE, superstar Paige got a second tattoo dedicated to him.

Paige, a.k.a Saraya-Jade Bevis, posted a photo on Instagram this week of her new “Alberto” tattoo. This is in addition to the “Papi” tattoo she has on her finger, though this new one is significantly larger and would be more difficult to hide. After the post was flooded with negative comments telling Paige that she will regret this decision, the superstar deleted the post, but the following screenshot of it was taken by a Reddit user:

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Alberto Del Rio recently left the WWE, and it is rumored that part of the reason is that the company was trying to end the relationship between Del Rio and Paige. Though Paige’s contract doesn’t expire for three more years, she reportedly tried to quit last week and recently hired lawyers to explore her options for getting out of the contract. MMA Insider Front Row Brian recently reported that Paige believes she can get out of the contract, but the WWE sees things differently.

“WWE can’t just say okay we accept your resignation,” he wrote. “Contract void. They have to fight or else their contracts become meaningless.”

A lot of fans found Paige’s tattoo to be strange because Alberto Del Rio is not actually the wrestler’s name; it’s José Alberto Rodríguez. However, he has gone by Alberto in the ring for many years, with his ring names ranging from Alberto Del Rio to Alberto el Patrón and Alberto Banderas.

This is not the first time Paige has deleted photos on her Instagram account that had to do with Del Rio. After the WWE draft, during which Paige and Del Rio were split up between Raw and SmackDown, Paige deleted all pictures of the couple together, leading to rumors that they were breaking up. She later restored these photos and added a new one of them embracing, writing in the caption that she misses Del Rio and needs him in her life.