Chapecoense Plane Crash: Videos & Photos of Team’s Last Moments

Alan Ruschel Instagram

Alan Ruschel’s latest Instagram posts show him and his teammates being jovial while on board the ill-fated flight. It appears that he is sitting beside goalkeeper Danilo on the flight. Reporter Daniel Angulo tweeted that Ruschel is alert and talking at a hospital. Angulo says that the player is in shock.

Before the Chapecoense soccer team boarded its doomed flight, team members took advantage of social media to post photos and even a video at the airport.

Now that the plane has crashed, killing all but six people on board, the videos and photos provide a final glimpse into the lives that were tragically lost.

A video showed the players as they waited to board what for some of them might have been a final flight. The team had posted the live video on Facebook. At least 21 journalists also perished on the plane.

Photos posted to Twitter showed scenes of the wreckage and crash site.

The cause of the plane crash is still being investigated, with reports that the pilot circled around to burn fuel before crash landing the aircraft after an electrical malfunction.

Three of the players from the Chapecoense team’s fairy tale season survived the crash: They are Alan Ruschel, Jakson Follmann, and Helio Neto.

Ruschel’s wife made this post on Instagram:

Ruschel himself frequently posted on Instagram before the tragedy.

Neto was pulled from the wreckage after authorities thought all survivors had already been found. The goalkeeper Marcus Danilo was taken to the hospital, but he died there after making a heartbreaking phone call to his wife.

Photos of the scene show the mangled wreckage of the plane, which crashed in a rugged area that made rescue efforts difficult.

The team was on its way to Medellin for a championship soccer match after a storied season.

Three players who didn’t take the flight – one because of an injury – were photographed sitting in despair in the team’s locker room.

Videos from just last week show the team’s close bonds:

Tributes and emotions flooded social media.

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