WWE Elimination Chamber 2018: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Mickie James vs. Sonya Deville vs. Sasha Banks (Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Elimination Chamber 2018


Winner: And STILL the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss!

Highlights: The first two women to start the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber were Sonya and Bayley. Sonya and Bayley circled each other and eventually got into a rough exchange. Sonya’s takedowns played a part in their early encounter, while Bayley made sure to shake her off while on the mat. After eating a Bulldog from Bayley, Sonya found herself on the receiving end of repeated head smashes into the ring corner. Sonya soon recovered and planted a nasty strike into Bayley’s midsection. When both women went to the outside, Sonya catapulted Bayley into the chained wall. Bayley shocked the crowd by grabbing hold of the chain link fence however. After some back and forth struggling, Bayley ended up shoving Sonya face first into the cage. Back in the ring, Bayley got the upper hand by using a backdrop suplex on Sonya. Bayley then climbed to the top rope and landed a flying elbow drop atop Sonya on the outside. While both women continued to fight, Mandy Rose was chosen to enter the chamber next.

Bayley tried to get the jump on Mandy by striking her and her stable mate down inside the ring. Bayley’s game plan worked great for a while until she got taken down by a nasty Spear by Sonya on the outside. Absolution’s leading ladies then chose to repeatedly slam Bayley’s back right into the chamber’s walls. Once all three returned to the ring, Bayley found herself getting beat down by Paige’s running mates. After Bayley took several minutes of punishment from Sonya and Mandy, Sasha Banks came to save her friend once she exited her pod. Banks threw Mandy right into her cell’s glass panel and stuffed her knees right into Sonya’s chest near the chamber’s walls. Banks kept working on Sonya when both women made their way back into the ring. Banks took out Mandy with a slick counter and followed that up by using her signature double knee strike on Sonya in the corner. Banks’ run on top came to an end after Sonya put a stop to it with her repeated punches and kicks. But once Bayley recovered, her and Banks slammed Sonya into the chamber’s fence for good measure. Mandy ran back in to land a few moves on Bayley and Banks and looked good for a while. But she soon succumbed to the Bank Statement and became the first competitor eliminated.

Afterwards, Mickie James became the next woman to enter the fray. Mickie laid into Banks and Bayley with her array of trademark moves. Sonya eventually got her hands on Mickie and got in a few licks on her. Mickie fought her off as much as possible and got the upper hand by landing a Hurricanrana on Sonya while hooked to the chamber. Mickie began ascending the fence and fought off Bayley as she completed her climb to the top of one of the cells. Mickie came off the top with a Lou Thesz Press right onto Sonya and eliminated her soon after. But Mickie then ended up meeting her end next after getting finished with a Backstabber and a Bayley to Belly Suplex. Alexa Bliss entered last and tried keeping her cell door closed as Banks and Bayley pursued her. Bliss climbed high and tried to steer clear of both women by climbing all over the cell, but Banks and Bayley soon caught up with her. Banks and Bayley’s teamwork came to a close after Banks kicked Bayley off the top of a cell. Bayley repaid the favor by kicking Banks right into the corner ring pad. Bliss took advantage of this moment by turning her focus on Bayley.

Bayley and Bliss fought hard for a few moments, but then Banks ran in to get her revenge on Bayley. Bayley ended up getting a Superplex from Bliss, which led right into Banks using a Frog Splash on Bayley in the center of the ring. After getting back to her feet, Banks looked to use her corner knee smash to further incapacitate Bayley. But Bayley dodged it and landed a Bayley to Belly Suplex on Banks from the top rope. While Bayley tried shaking off the damage done to her during the entire bout, Bliss rolled her up and booted her from the match. Later on, Bliss tried finishing Banks off with her Twisted Bliss. But Banks got her knees up in time to counter the champ. Banks and Bliss ended up getting extra aggressive as they fought on the outside. Banks’ missed stomp to Bliss cost her as Bliss drove the back of her head into her knee. Bliss then climbed to the top of another cell and crashed onto Banks with her Twisted Bliss, but Banks quickly caught her soon after with the Bank Statement. Both women rolled back into the ring, which led to Bliss breaking the hold by stuffing Banks into the corner. Banks looked to land something risky off of one of the cells, but Bliss tripped her up and caused her to slam right into the glass panel. Bliss then got the big win by spiking Banks with a DDT from the top rope. After the bout came to a close, Bliss celebrated with the crowd in a rare moment of babyface humility. Then she flipped on everyone by telling the crowd that their dreams would never be accomplished. HEEL BLISS IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!